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F1 News: Lewis Hamilton May Not Finish Azerbaijan GP According To Mercedes Chief

Toto Wolff has admitted that Lewis Hamilton may not be able to finish the Azerbaijan Grand Prix due to pain he’s experiencing from severe porpoising.

The 7-time world champion has been complaining of pain this weekend at Baku, and it was recently revealed that to combat this he’s been undertaking physio and acupuncture to try and stop the pain. Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff was asked about this, whether he’s asked his drivers to “suck it up”:

“No, I don’t think you can suck it up. It’s just really bad for the back.

“I’m not sure we can even go full length with Lewis. On the visualisation, he said it’s so bad so we really need to find a solution.

“It’s based on physical pain. It’s really compressing the spine.”

He was then asked whether Mercedes is trying to change the regulations for their own gain:

“Most of the drivers have now come to the conclusion that it’s really bad,” Wolff responded.

“The point is these regulations will follow us for many years. It’s the moment now to say that it’s a real issue physically, so what can we do to lift everybody up.

“It’s just not Mercedes’ perspective.”

Alex Harrington

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