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F1 News: Mark Rushbrook Reveals Truth Behind Ford’s Red Bull Partnership Decision

Ford’s Global Director, Mark Rushbrook, has recently spoken out about the company’s decision to join forces with Red Bull Powertrains in Formula 1. After considering a number of potential partnerships, Ford ultimately determined that Red Bull was the best fit due to their unique position in the automotive market.

The recent announcement by FIA regarding the selection of power unit suppliers for the 2026 season saw the inclusion of Honda. However, Rushbrook explained that Ford found it more appropriate to partner with Red Bull as they are not direct competitors in the automobile industry.

“Partnering with a company like Red Bull Powertrains was the right move because they are not our direct rival in the auto market,” Rushbrook stated. “There were certainly other opportunities available, but collaborating with another automaker on the power unit didn’t seem appropriate.”

Despite Ford’s ambitious goals, Rushbrook emphasized the importance of operating within a budget and carefully choosing partners for success on the track. He acknowledged that the company does not have unlimited resources, but instead chooses to invest in the right teams to win races in a responsible manner.

“Our racing budget is not unlimited, despite what the sport may want us to believe,” Rushbrook explained. “We are strategic in our partnerships and choose the right teams to win races with a responsible budget. This partnership with Red Bull Powertrains is unique and provides a great opportunity for our marketing team to leverage motorsports in a way we haven’t in a long time.”

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