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F1 News: Sebastian Vettel Will Race At Australian Grand Prix Confirmed

After missing the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix after testing positive for COVID-19, Aston Martin F1 team has confirmed that Sebastian Vettel will be driving in the Australian Grand Prix alongside teammate Lance Stroll.

Vettel tested positive for COVID-19 almost three weeks ago, ultimately leading to him not being able to take part in either the Bahrain or Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Nico Hulkenberg took the wheel for the German racing driver while he recovered.

Now, Aston Martin F1 has released the following statement to Twitter:

“TEAM UPDATE: We are pleased to confirm that Sebastian Vettel is now fit to race and will therefore line up alongside @lance_strollin Melbourne to kick off his 2022 @F1season at the @ausgrandprix

Fans are incredibly excited to see him back on track, with several hundred wishing their best.

“Starting the season on Melbourne. Vettell doing things right,” one fan commented.

“Amazing news team!! cannot wait to see him back on track,” (sic) a second added.

This comes not long after multiple drivers argued that they should be able to race despite testing positive for COVID despite Daniel Ricciardo admitting that he was in a “pretty rough place” when he contracted COVID and would have “struggled” to race.

“COVID has evolved so much you know, the best judge will be ourselves,” Sergio Perez argued.

“He [Ricciardo] wouldn’t be able to race but maybe there are other people, other drivers who get COVID and feel OK.

“You see with some countries, it feels like the world is fully open but Formula 1 is still very restrictive with the COVID thing.

“We should leave it up to the drivers to decide. I think we have all raced once feeling really bad, health-wise.

“We’re the judges to say we can race the way we’re at the moment or we can simply not. If the driver feels comfortable to race like that, I wouldn’t think it’s a problem. The world seems to have moved on from it.”

Valtteri Bottas agreed, but added that drivers still need to limit the spread of the virus:

“I would vote for yes [drivers] should be allowed [to race], but only in a way where there’s no risk of spreading it further.

“So I think maybe then if they have COVID, there should be extra protocols, making sure other team members don’t get affected.”

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