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F1 News: Martin Brundle Pinpoints Huge Problem With Potential Upcoming Change

In the thrilling world of Formula 1, Sky Sports pundit Martin Brundle worries that strategic play revolving around tyres, such as seen during the Canadian Grand Prix qualifying, might be relegated to the history books due to proposed changes. With an eye on eco-friendly practices, Formula 1 is advancing towards eliminating tyre blankets by 2024, having already introduced a full-wet Pirelli tyre without heating at Monaco. However, this potential move away from tyre blankets is causing a stir amongst drivers and teams, given its impact on safety and strategy.

Brundle’s recent column for Sky Sports F1 provided an engaging recap of the Q2 session in Canada. The constantly changing rain conditions allowed a brief chance for drivers to shift to dry tyres. This decision turned out brilliantly for Williams’ Alex Albon, who topped the session, but not so much for Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc who ended up being eliminated due to missing the optimal window. Brundle noted that this unusual grid arrangement only heightened the thrill of the Sunday race.

Brundle wrote:

“The Montreal circuit usually throws up some special challenges, not least because it’s slippery, bumpy, fast in places, and lined with walls and high kerbs. And the weather can be challenging.

“A wet, albeit temporarily almost dry, qualifying served up some thrills and surprises for a nicely scrambled grid. There was a two-lap window to fit dry tyres in Q2 which the likes of Alex Albon in his Williams and a few of the other usual suspects anticipated well, but Sergio Perez in his Red Bull and Charles Leclerc in his Ferrari simply did not.”

Nevertheless, the possible elimination of tyre blankets has led Brundle to question whether such an eco-centric move might unintentionally stifle such strategic gambles. He feels skeptical about present F1 drivers being comfortable with risking a lap on cold, dry tyres under similar circumstances. He further suggests that the eco-impact of tyre blankets might be less significant compared to the extra fuel used for tyre warming laps.

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