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F1 News: Max Verstappen Red Bull Exit Clause Revealed

Helmut Marko has discussed the potential for Max Verstappen to leave Red Bull if tempting offers from other teams arise. Despite his contract officially extending until 2028, Marko revealed the existence of an exit clause that could see Verstappen exploring other options, raising questions about his future with the team.

Key Takeaways:

  • Red Bull’s Helmut Marko reveals Max Verstappen’s contract has an exit clause despite officially ending in 2028.
  • Verstappen prioritizes performance over money, likely staying with Red Bull if they provide a competitive car.
  • Marko suggests there’s currently no better team than Red Bull for Verstappen, emphasizing their ability to offer a championship-winning car, demonstrated in the RB19, and Verstappen’s strong performance in the upgraded RB20 during pre-season testing.

Marko implied that for a Formula 1 driver like Max Verstappen, performance would outweigh financial considerations, indicating his probable continued allegiance to the team as long as they offer him a competitive car. However, amid the upheaval in the driver market following Lewis Hamilton’s departure from Mercedes to Ferrari in 2025 and with numerous driver contracts set to expire by the end of the 2024 season, Verstappen’s future with Red Bull has come under scrutiny.

Speaking about the possibility of Verstappen leaving Red Bull for a more lucrative offer, Marko stated on Servus TV:

“As in every Formula 1 contract, there are clauses if certain success quality criteria are not met. These are also included in Max’s contract. I don’t think an incomprehensible amount of money is an issue for Max. If we are not in a position to provide him with a car that is capable of winning… of course he’s interested in success as a racing driver. You don’t get any younger. And if he doesn’t see the light with Red Bull and these criteria come into play, then it’s quite clear that he’ll look around. But where would there be something better?”

Marko’s remarks underscore the competitive advantage Red Bull offers Verstappen, given their track record of delivering championship-winning cars. With Verstappen’s loyalty to performance, backed by his impressive display in the pre-season testing, it appears that for now, his future remains intertwined with Red Bull Racing.

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