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F1 News: Max Verstappen Takes On Insane Drifting Challenge With Legend ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett

Red Bull Racing recently unveiled a video featuring their F1 star, two-time champion Max Verstappen. But instead of the F1 car fans accustomed to seeing him in, Verstappen tries his hand at mastering the iconic Mazda RX7, owned by the legendary drifter, ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett.

The entertaining video spotlights the Dutch racer’s maiden attempt at drifting, mentored by none other than ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett himself. Starting with the basics, the duo kicks off with doughnuts, transitions to the figure of eight, and finally attempts the intricate Scandi flick.

Verstappen’s innate racing aptitude shines as he quickly grasps the nuances of drifting. Having never ventured into this domain before, his swift adaptability is nothing short of impressive. As one fan rightly pointed out on the YouTube video:

“I literally wished for Max to do this with Mad Mike for years, I think I actually mentioned it in a RB video years and years ago, its finally here! Thank you so much! Max smashed it!!! (As we all knew he would of course)”

Fans worldwide have been ecstatic, witnessing Verstappen exploring a new driving discipline. They’re not just impressed, but also amused at how effortlessly Verstappen made the whole experience seem. Another aficionado expressed:

“Max and Mad Mike was not on my Bingo card, but I am so happy it’s happened. So good to see Max pick up a new discipline of driving and of course he made it look easy, wish I was even half that good first time I went drifting.”

To culminate this electrifying session, ‘Mad Mike’ threw down the gauntlet for Verstappen: drift around the ‘Horner Corner’ and aim to tap the hands of cardboard cutouts representing Red Bull F1’s team principal, Christian Horner. This delightful segment, full of jest and camaraderie, became an instant hit among fans. One enthralled viewer shared:

“The Horner Corner cracked me up! What a fun video! Thank you for making this happen!”

Verstappen’s adventurous foray into drifting is a testament to his versatility and talent, and fans can’t wait to see what else he might surprise them with next.

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