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F1 News: Max Verstappen’s Las Vegas GP Victory Celebration Sparks Hilarity Among Fans

Max Verstappen’s Elvis Presley-inspired celebration after winning the Las Vegas Grand Prix left fans laughing and filled with joy. The Red Bull driver, known for his critical views on off-track celebrations, surprised everyone with his rendition of ‘Viva Las Vegas’ over team radio, marking a memorable moment in the 2023 F1 season.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unexpected Celebration: Known for criticizing the Las Vegas GP’s focus on entertainment, Max Verstappen stunned fans and the F1 community by embracing the Vegas spirit. His celebration included singing Elvis Presley’s ‘Viva Las Vegas’ over the team radio, showcasing a lighter side rarely seen from the driver.
  • Remarkable Performance: Verstappen secured his 18th win of the season at the Las Vegas Grand Prix, a challenging street circuit. His victory, along with teammate Sergio Perez’s third-place finish, highlighted Red Bull’s dominance and adaptability in diverse racing conditions.
  • Team and Fan Reactions: The unexpected celebration by Verstappen received positive reactions from team principal Christian Horner and F1 fans worldwide. Horner’s comments to Sky Sports F1 and fan reactions on social media underscore the significance and impact of Verstappen’s actions at the Las Vegas GP.

The inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix proved to be a spectacle of speed and excitement as it joined the F1 calendar in 2023. Max Verstappen, often vocal about his concerns regarding the emphasis on entertainment over racing, delivered an unforgettable moment that contradicted his usual stance. His impromptu singing of an Elvis Presley classic, post-race, not only entertained but also highlighted a seldom-seen jovial side of the Dutch driver.

This race was a test of skill and endurance for drivers, with the tight yet fast street circuit presenting numerous challenges. Despite facing difficulties, particularly in FP1, Verstappen demonstrated his supreme racing ability by clinching the top spot. His teammate, Sergio Perez, also showcased impressive skills, finishing in third place. Their performances were accentuated by their special race suits, inspired by Elvis Presley, which became a talking point of the event.

Reflecting on his victory, Verstappen said, “It was a lot of fun out there,” indicating a shift in his perspective towards the Las Vegas GP. Christian Horner, in his interview with Sky Sports F1, noted this change, stating, “That’s the bit he loves… A race like that, he loved and revelled in a race like that. Even though he was on the end of a penalty and whatever, the way he came back, the way he fought, I think he might have changed his mind about Vegas.”

The reactions to Verstappen’s unexpected celebratory act were widespread and positive, highlighting the unique and entertaining aspects of F1 that go beyond just the racing. Fans expressed their delight and amusement on various platforms, showing that moments like these are what make the sport more engaging and relatable to a broader audience. With this victory and his entertaining celebration, Max Verstappen not only secured another win in his impressive career but also won over many fans with his display of charisma and a lighter side rarely seen from the champion racer.

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