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F1 News: Mercedes’ George Russell Discusses Worries Of New Cars

As the director of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, Mercedes driver George Russell has a unique perspective on the issues facing Formula One. In a recent interview with, Russell addressed the increasing weight of F1 cars and the potential risks that come with it.

2022 Singapore Grand Prix, Sunday – Steve Etherington

The weight of the cars has increased significantly in recent years due to changes in regulations concerning aerodynamics. The minimum weight for the cars was increased by 3 kilograms before the 2022 season and is now 798 kilograms. This has led to concerns about the low-speed performance of the cars and the potential for greater impacts in the event of a crash. Russell said:

“We keep making these cars safer and safer, but obviously the heavier you make them when you have an impact it’s like crashing with a bus compared to a Smart Car.

“You’re going to have a greater impact if you’re going the same speed with a car that weighs 800-odd-kgs or over 900kgs at the start of a race, compared to one 15 years ago when they were at 650kg.”

2022 French Grand Prix 2022, Friday – LAT Images

While there are certainly benefits to the new regulations, finding the right balance between safety and performance is crucial. As Russell pointed out, there is a point at which making the cars too heavy can actually compromise safety.

“If you just keep making it heavier, heavier, heavier, stronger, stronger, stronger – actually you get to a point where you cross over that [line] that too heavy is actually not safer.”

The 2023 season is set to kick off with the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 5th, with pre-season testing taking place the week before. As the drivers and teams prepare for the new season, the weight of the cars will continue to be a topic of discussion as they seek to find the right balance between safety and performance.

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