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F1 News: Mercedes Gets FIA Lifeline After Hamilton Lacks Performance

The FIA have now agreed to give Mercedes more aerodynamic testing time. Mercedes have been fighting for this due to the physical damage their drivers have been experiencing this season.

Aerodynamic Testing Regulations (ATR) allow the teams a certain amount of wind time and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and the amount of time given depends on how the team are performing. So, the team in the front will get the smallest amount of time and the team that is running last will get the most time. The rules changed this year to provide teams with the opportunity to improve the cars aerodynamics during the season. Mercedes won the constructors championship in 2021, so were given the least amount of time which was 70 percent of the limits.

– Mercedes AMG F1 Media

As Mercedes are currently in third place behind Red Bull and Ferrari, they will get an extra 10% of wind tunnel time and 200 more CFD items. The season is in six sections and we are coming up to the end of the current section on 30th June, so these changes will come into effect on the 1st July.

Williams will also benefit from these changes as they have gone from being in 8th place to 10th so will be receiving another 10% wind tunnel time and 200 more CFD items. However, this works both ways so for a team like Alfa Romeo, who have gained on their position of 9th to 6th, they will lose 15% wind tunnel time and 300 CFD items.

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