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F1 News: Nicholas Latifi Angry Over New Teammate Outperforming Him In His First Race

Williams driver Nicholas Latifi showed his anger to the press after he was asked about his partnering with Nyck de Vries this weekend after Alex Albon came down with appendicitis and was taken to hospital.

De Vries has shown immense performance from qualifying where he outperformed his teammate Latifi, with him qualifying in 13th with minimal time in an F1 car. A number of grid penalties saw him extend his lead to 8th for the beginning of the race today and is now looking like he’ll take home a championship point on his first race. Latifi, on the other hand, is sat in 16th.

Latifi didn’t make it past Q1 in comparison.

He commented on this to the press:

“Ultimately, I didn’t get a second set of tyres and missed the chicane,” the Canadian told them.

“I am where I expected to be as the result of not getting the second lap. It is obviously very close around here.”

He was then asked about how he felt about de Vries’ brilliant first day on the job “How do you think?”

He continued:

“He got up to speed quickly. It was clear in FP3, he just jumped in and it was quite impressive how quick he was to begin with.

“I think everyone knows how quick a driver he is so it is impressive what he did.”

Latifi also told the press that he had brief contact with his teammte:

“I sent him a message when I found out he wasn’t going to be driving, just a get well soon, shame you are not here.

“I hope to see him back in Singapore.”

Alex Harrington

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