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F1 News: Pierre Gasly Was Rushed To Doctor After Intense Pain During Race

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix was full of surprises from Lewis Hamilton not getting through to Q2 and the local terror attack at an ARAMCO oil plant. Now, it’s come to light that AlphaTauri driver Pierre Gasly was forced to see a doctor after he suffered from severe intestinal pain during the race.

Gasly’s teammate Yuki Tsunoda also had bad luck with his car losing all power moments before the race, but Gasly made up for this fact with a P8 finish, collecting 4 points for his team despite a badly-timed safety car:

“Yeah, I mean especially considering we got pretty unlucky with the Safety Car,” Gasly told the press.

“I think we boxed 30 seconds before it came out so we basically went from whatever position we were to drop to P14.

“After that we managed to make our way back to P8, so really happy with that.”

Sparingly, considering his pace, Gasly later revealed that he’d been suffering with intense pain during the last 15 laps of the race, with the last 10 proving to be the worst with every left turn giving him stabbing pains.

“The last 15 laps I’ve never had that much pain, I don’t know what happened in my intestine,” he continued.

“The last 10 laps was like getting stabbed every left corner, the most painful laps I’ve had so I don’t know what’s happened.

“Anyway I’m just happy the race is over and happy we got these points.”

Even while he was being interviewed after the race he showing showing signs of pain. He was asked how he was feeling, in which he responded: “Quite bad!”

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During the interview, he was asked to see a doctor yet again.

“I’ve seen him already,” the driver said. “We’ll see after, I don’t know what it is but it was not a nice feeling, it was more like surviving rather than anything else.

“But we’ll see what’s happened.”

Despite this, Gasly felt optimistic after his thrilling performance during the race:

“I’m really happy with how today went and glad I’m coming away with points.

“We got really unlucky with the safety car, as we boxed around 30 seconds before it came out and so dropped down the field, which wasn’t ideal.

“We managed to make our way back up though to P8, so really pleased with that. From my side the last 15 laps were really difficult, I had some pain in my intestine and it was really
difficult to race.

“I’m feeling good in the car though, I’m able to push the way I want to, but I think we need to just find some more downforce. We know the areas we need to improve so we just need to go away and find the solutions now.”

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