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F1 News: Red Bull Driver Confirms RB20 Based On Different Concept – “Big Talking Points”

Red Bull’s bold departure with the RB20, embracing a new concept diverging from its 2023 RB19 model, sparks intrigue and anticipation in the Formula 1 community.

Key Takeaways:

  • Red Bull driver Sergio Perez confirms the 2024 RB20 adopts a new concept, deviating from the 2023 RB19 model, a bold move according to experts.
  • The RB20, unveiled last week, surprised with features resembling Mercedes designs. Sky F1’s Bernie Collins questions if this will be the actual car during Bahrain pre-season testing.
  • Despite the uncertainties, Perez is positive about the RB20, noting its good feel during a wet shakedown run at Silverstone.

Last week, Red Bull surprised everyone with the RB20 since it looked pretty different from its predecessor. Despite the changes, Perez highlights that the car felt good during his wet shakedown run at Silverstone. He told the media:

“It was a very positive day, aside from the weather, which was bad but the RB20 still feels good, you can still feel a good car in the wet. The concept of the car is quite a bit different for 2024, and I think there are going to be a few big talking points.

“I believe the Team have had a pretty good winter, but it is all relevant until we see what everyone else has done this week. I am looking forward to getting out on track now in Bahrain, to prepare properly for the season ahead, I just want to enjoy it, give my best and take every opportunity in 2024.”

However, what was even more interesting about the RB20 was it sported Mercedes-styled sidepod inlets, as well as the gullies that were present on the 2023 W14’s engine cover.

It is well known that Mercedes’s design of ground effect era cars wasn’t a success given the lack of pace and porpoising problems. Consequently, questions have been raised by Sky F1 presenter Bernie Collins if Red Bull will feature the same RB20 during the pre-season testing in Bahrain, which was unveiled on February 15. She explained on the Sky F1 podcast:

“I think maybe years in F1 have made me suspicious.

“So let’s see the car that rolls out on Day One in Bahrain because I’m not sure it’s going to be that car. This could just be a little joke.”

As the Formula 1 world eagerly awaits the Bahrain pre-season testing, the unveiling of Red Bull’s RB20 has ignited discussions on the team’s bold design choices and the potential implications for the upcoming season. With divergent concepts and nods to Mercedes’ designs, the RB20 promises to be a focal point of attention as teams gear up for a fiercely competitive 2024 campaign.

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