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F1 News: Red Bull Reveals Went Wrong That Forced Cars To Retire During Bahrain Grand Prix

After a startling end for the team at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Red Bull has now revealed exactly what went wrong with its cars that forced both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez to retire from the race.

Like clockwork at the end of the GP, both Red Bull cars looked to suffer from the same fate as their powertrains failed. The early word from Red Bull was fuel pump failure, but now the team has been able to fully diagnose the issue and have revealed exactly what went wrong to fans.

Verstappen had initially told Sky Sports F1 that it was a “complicated” issue as “there was no fuel going to the engine anymore”. But now Red Bull has released a statement this morning, a couple of hours before the start of the Saudi Arabian GP practice session, admitting that “both cars suffered from a lack of fuel pressure last weekend”.

“The correct amount of fuel was in both cars, but a vacuum prevented the pumps from drawing fuel and delivering it to the engine,” a spokesperson told Sky Sports F1.

“We’ve taken the necessary steps to correct this issue and we expect no problems this weekend,” Red Bull stated.

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix begins today with practice and continues over the weekend with qualifying taking place on Saturday and the race taking place on Sunday.

GTN will be keeping you up to date with coverage throughout the weekend.

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