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F1 News: Red Bull Still Believes Lewis Hamilton Is A Threat Despite Mercedes Issues

Max Verstappen has been warned by Red Bull’s motorsport advisor Helmut Marko that Lewis Hamilton is still a threat to his target of being 2022 world champion. Reminding the Belgian driver that he’s only “nine points behind”, he told Max that Mercedes “will come back” to the front of the grid.

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix gave the Red Bull driver his first win as Verstappen managed to squeeze around Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc in an epic battle for first. But while Red Bull fans are celebrating, team principal Christian Horner is “concerned” about the potential issues Red Bull is having with its power units.

“Of course, we’re concerned about it but I think first we have to understand what it is,” he said.

“I think once all the strip-down has been done and we understand what the issue is then, hopefully, fixes can be put in place.”

Mercedes has very obviously been struggling so far this season, with Hamilton getting lucky with a third place finish during the Bahrain Grand Prix because of issues with the Red Bulls, but ending 10th in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Despite this, George Russell finished fifth in his Silver Arrow, which is making Red Bull a little uncomfortable.

Speaking to Servus TV, Helmut said: “Hamilton is only nine points behind Verstappen. They are not writing off the world championship at all. They will come back, for sure. It will probably end in a three-way fight.”

– Mercedes-AMG

He continues:

“When Mercedes get their problems sorted they’re going to be in there so that’s potentially six drivers who are going to be in contention every weekend. For the fans that’s going to be fantastic.

“I have no doubt that at some point, Mercedes will join that battle but my focus is very much on our team.”

Hamilton commented on is team’s performance during the Saudi Arabian GP:

“I know I’ve got a great team and we’ll just keep our heads down.”

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