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F1 News: Lewis Hamilton Sets Sights On Ferrari – “Maximum Attack”

The end of the 2022 F1 calendar is quickly approaching with only six races left. So drivers like Lewis Hamilton are starting to reflect on their performance so far. Of course, it’s been a difficult year for the British driver who has constantly fought with the lacking performance of his Mercedes.

After 8 years of success, Mercedes is about to lose the Constructor’s title to Red Bull. And even Ferrari, after countless strategy blunders, are in front of the Toto Wolff-headed team. But despite this poor performance, Hamilton “doesn’t look at [2022] as a dry spell”.

– Mercedes AMG F1

With the news that Mercedes is continuing its partnership with Petronas, the 7-time world champion spoke out on the year, admitting that he “gained a lot of strength” from not being at the front of the grid, adding that “you don’t gain a lot” from winning.

“I look at it as a bit of adversity and I think that’s where you can really gain strength,” Hamilton told the press.

“I think we’ve gained a lot of strength in depth. When you winning all the time it’s a wonderful thing but you don’t gain a lot when you win.

“There are six races [left] so there’s six opportunities and we will try to get a win, but if we do not do well, I do not think it is the end of the world.

“We will get back to the top.”

– Mercedes AMG F1

Now, the current objective for the team is to close in on Ferrari, with the aim being second in the Constructor’s Championship. With Red Bull so far ahead, the team is sensible not to target them.

The German company is currently 35 points behind the Italian team:

“Our goal is to try and get second in the teams because that does make a huge impact for everybody back at the factory and so these next six races are just about maximum attack, nothing to lose and going to give it hell,” Hamilton admitted.

“I would say Singapore should be a good track for us because it’s a high downforce circuit. However it is bumpy.”

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