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F1 News: Red Bull’s Helmut Marko Sheds Light on Hamilton Rejection

In a revealing statement, Red Bull Racing’s advisor Helmut Marko has categorically denied the possibility of Lewis Hamilton joining the team alongside Max Verstappen. This clarification comes amidst contrasting claims from Mercedes and Hamilton’s representatives, setting the record straight on the recent speculation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Christian Horner’s Revelation: Red Bull’s team principal Christian Horner disclosed that Lewis Hamilton’s representatives expressed interest in him joining Red Bull, a narrative that counters Mercedes’ version of the story.
  • Helmut Marko’s Firm Stance: Marko, an influential figure in Red Bull Racing, affirmed that combining Verstappen and Hamilton in the same team was never a realistic option. He referenced the intense rivalry and history between the two drivers, especially highlighting the eventful 2021 season.
  • Financial Constraints: Marko also emphasized the financial infeasibility of having the two most expensive drivers in Formula 1 under one roof, citing budgetary concerns as a significant barrier.

Helmut Marko, the experienced advisor for Red Bull Racing, has put an end to the speculation about Lewis Hamilton possibly joining Red Bull. In a detailed statement to, Marko expressed a clear rejection of this idea, outlining several reasons why a Hamilton-Verstappen partnership would be unviable.

Marko revealed that Christian Horner, the team principal, was approached by Hamilton’s representatives with the proposal. However, Marko’s stance was unambiguous.

“Christian informed me and showed me the text message he received, but I told him: ‘Hamilton and Max, that doesn’t work,” he remarked, citing the intense rivalry and strained relationship between the two drivers, particularly during the 2021 season.

The financial aspect was another significant consideration in Marko’s decision-making. He recognized the substantial costs involved in housing both Hamilton and Verstappen, the sport’s highest-paid drivers, within one team.

“We cannot afford to have the two most expensive drivers in one team. It’s just never going to happen,” Marko stated, underscoring the economic impracticality of such a scenario.

In a related development, Lewis Hamilton renewed his contract with Mercedes in 2023, extending his stay through the 2025 season. This renewal, occurring during his 11th season with Mercedes, reinforces Hamilton’s commitment to the sport and to the team he joined in 2013. Throughout his time with Mercedes, Hamilton has broken multiple records, including championship wins, pole positions, and race victories. This contract extension reflects not only Hamilton’s dedication to his career but also Mercedes’ faith in his capabilities as a top-tier driver.

Hamilton’s choice to remain with Mercedes highlights his long-term goals and his desire to achieve further success with the team. His continued partnership with teammate George Russell, who is also committed through 2025, demonstrates Mercedes’ strategic focus on maintaining a strong and competitive driver lineup.

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