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F1 News: Stake F1 Team To Switch Names For The Australian Grand Prix

For the upcoming Australian Grand Prix weekend, the Stake F1 team, otherwise recognized as Sauber, will utilize its alternative moniker, Kick Sauber, due to the association of the name ‘Stake’ with gambling.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Stake F1 team, also known as Sauber, will adopt the alternative name “Kick Sauber” for the Australian Grand Prix due to the association of the name “Stake” with gambling.
  • Australia’s regulations prohibit gambling-related advertising, and since offers such services, the team will use the name “Kick Sauber” to comply with local laws.
  • Similarly, in countries like Spain, Belgium, and Qatar, where gambling advertising is restricted, the team will use the name “Kick Sauber” instead of “Stake F1.” The Managing Director, Alessandro Alunni Bravi, emphasized the team’s commitment to adhering to local laws during the 2024 season.

Australia’s laws prohibit any form of advertising related to gambling, and offers traditional casino games and sports betting. Thus, streaming service Kick, the team’s chassis sponsor, will take on the naming rights for the Australian Grand Prix and other regions on the F1 calendar that feature similar laws.

Other countries where Stake F1 will be replaced by the name Kick Sauber include Spain, Belgium, and Qatar. Managing Director of the Sauber Group of companies, Alessandro Alunni Bravi, stated that the team will comply with local laws as it travels through different countries throughout the 2024 season. He told the media:

“Last year, we alternated to different team names according to the different countries where we go racing.

“We will be fully compliant with all the local applicable laws and where Stake is permitted. So where gambling advertising is prohibited, we will use a different name.

“As last year, we have Kick as one of our most important partners – the car launch was streamed live on, our chassis name is Kick Sauber, so where we will not be racing as Stake, we will use the second team name.”

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