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F1 Rumour: Nikita Mazepin Fired From Haas And Replaced With Fan Favourite

According to recent rumours within the F1 family, Haas will be removing Nikita Mazepin from its driver lineup before the testing in Bahrain begins later this month.

Only a few days ago it was announced that despite the FIA allowing Russian drivers to race, it has terminated its contract with the Russian Grand Prix. “Russia will not have a race in the future”, a recent press release from the FIA read.

On top of this, Motorsport UK has now announced that it won’t let any Russian or Belarusian drivers compete in any UK racing event, which means that Nikita Mazepin will not be racing at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. It released a statement:

“No Russian/Belarusian licenced teams are approved to enter motorsport competitions in the UK.

“No Russian/Belarusian licenced competitors and officials are approved to participate in UK motorsport events.

“No Russian/Belarusian national symbols, colours, flags (on uniform, equipment and car) to be displayed at Motorsport UK permitted events.

“The Motorsport UK decision was made in full consultation with the UK Government and national sports governing bodies to ensure that there is a unilateral response to the crisis.”

And now to add to the drama revolving around Mazepin, Sky Deutschland has reported that Haas is firing Mazepin for him to be replaced by Pietro Fittipaldi alongside Mick Schumacher.

We’ll keep you updated as we go, but it looks as though the writing may well be on the wall for the Russian driver.

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