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F1 News: The Drama Will Start As Teams Push Design And Regulation Limits At Bahrain Testing

We’ve been surprised to hear that there haven’t been any complaints between teams after Barcelona testing for this 2022 year of F1. And this is surprising as this year sees the largest regulation change the Formula 1 has ever seen.

But now the first long weekend of testing has come to an end, teams are promising huge overhauls to their cars as they begin to improve and fix issues that have now arisen. Porpoising is the main culprit for most teams, so expect to see lots of floor modifications.

But now it’s likely that as teams start to make changes, we’ll get more and more changes that will cause a bit of drama during Bahrain testing, and an engineer agrees, explaining that we won’t “see the delicate things that could lie in a grey area until we get to Bahrain”, according to Auto Motor und Sport.

AMuS has revealed that as teh FIA are checking over CAD data collected from each team, there are some upgrades that are already being flagged up, or as AMuS says, sailing close to the wind and bringing solutions that do not quite correspond to the spirit of the regulations.” These reside in a book that is now 180 pages long, so of course teams are going to be hunting for loopholes Adrian Newey style.

Of course, F1 knows that some areas of the rules will need to be loosened to allow for innovation, but what’s to come will be very interesting as these new regulations are translated into cars.

– Red Bull Media

Max Verstappen of Red Bull has already revealed that his car will be “completely different” when it’s next seen in Bahrain, and Mercedes is also promising huge changes with the floors of the cars being one to look out for as they embrace a new way to maximise grip while not leaving a load of dirty air behind them: ground effect.

On top of this, teams are still looking to put their cars on diets to reach the 795kg minimum weight. Well, all except for Alfa Romeo.

Oh boy, this is going to be good.

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