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F1 Rumour: Sebastian Vettel Could Retire If He Leaves Aston Martin After This Season

Ralf Schumacher has once again stoked the fires around rumours that Sebastian Vettel will retire from F1 at the end of the 2022 season. The German driver only started driving with Aston Martin in 2021 after 6 years with Ferrari. But these years with Aston haven’t been so forthcoming for the driver, as Schumacher explains.

“I don’t think Sebastian will drive at Aston Martin beyond the year,” Schumacher said to

“This [move] went in the wrong direction.

“My prognosis is that he will retire at the end of the year and devote himself to all the environmental issues that are very important to him.”

Unfortunately for Vettel, teams are already getting their shoes in the door, so if he’s not able to make a move soon, he won’t be able to form a contract with a new team.

“I doubt he’ll get the chance.

“Sebastian is still on a decent level, but he’s just not the future. If a team reorients itself, it won’t do that with Sebastian.”

Hopefully, Aston Martin will bring upgrades to the Spanish Grand Prix that perform well enough for him to gather some pace.

“Barcelona will showcase a lot of the behaviour inherent in these 2022 cars; the lower-speed corners will be a physical challenge, while the faster sections will be about bravery and trusting in the ground effect,” Vettel told the press.

“Passing has usually been tricky here but I think these cars have shown they’re much better at going wheel-to-wheel, so I think it will be a different race to previous Spanish Grands Prix.”

Alex Harrington

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