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F1 Rumour: Williams Spark Further Speculation After Adding Gulf Sponsorship Page To Website

There are strong indications that Gulf Oil and Williams Racing may collaborate for the future of Formula 1. Decal Spotters reported that Williams Racing had set up a partner page on their website specifically for Gulf Oil, prior to any official statements and before the car’s unveiling on February 7th.

Gulf Oil, a well-known motorsport brand, has hinted at a comeback to F1 after ending its sponsorship deal with McLaren at the end of 2022. Although the company’s participation in the sport is yet to be confirmed, there’s a growing possibility that Williams Racing might be their chosen partner.

Gulf Oil sponsored McLaren in the 2020 and 2021 F1 seasons, but now that the partnership has ended, Williams Racing appears to be the top candidate for the oil company. The recent addition of driver Logan Sargeant to the team and the sponsorship of Franco Colapinto, the team’s junior driver, adds to the speculation.

If Gulf Oil becomes the title sponsor of Williams Racing, it could significantly boost the team’s funding, potentially propelling them higher in the grid and adding more excitement to the F1 season. The return of the Gulf brand and the possibility of American driver Logan Sargeant on the grid has F1 fans eagerly anticipating the future.

Williams Racing will unveil their 2023 livery on Monday, February 7th. With the Gulf Oil page already up on their website, it’s possible that the sponsorship announcement might also be made at the event. Nonetheless, neither Williams Racing nor Gulf Oil have made any official declarations yet.

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