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F1: These 3 Changes Are Coming To The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

The last time we visited the Jeddah Corniche Circuit only months ago, fans were very happy to finish the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix without at least some sort of major incident. Because yes, while it’s a great circuit to watch, the blind corners and general shape of the track could easily spell disaster for an unlucky driver.

For the 2022 F1 season,three changes have been made to the track to not only make it safer, but also much, much faster. Let’s dive in!

Wider Corners

Turns 3, 14, and 21 were incredibly narrow and while we don’t mind a narrow-tracked race such as Monaco, this made the turns at Jeddah almost blind. And with it being estimated that drivers were driving around the track at an average of 150mph during last year’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, it’s no surprise that this was high up on F1’s list to alter.

Each corner has been widened by around 1.5-2 metres, meaning they won’t be quite as blind as they were. This also means the drivers will be able to take them faster thanks to a wider racing line.

Safer Barriers

After feedback from last year’s GP, F1 is going to change how they construct the barriers around the circuit. Last year, if a car hit a barrier, it would tear apart that corner of the car.

This year they’re taking the barrier style from Monaco which will allow cars to simply brush off them without being torn to pieces.

Corners 4, 16, 22, and 24, will be changed. But if you’re worrying that these changes will make it too easy for the drivers, think again.

A Change in Time

The time of the start of the race has been changed from 8:30pm local time to 8pm local time. Yes, it’s only a 30 minute time change, and the reason for this hasn’t quite been confirmed, but I expect it’s something to do with global viewing. Probably.

Looking forward to Jeddah? We are!

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