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Fernando Alonso Acquires Exquisite 2019 Aston Martin Vantage AMR, Boosting Brand Appeal

In a striking display of brand loyalty, Formula 1 star Fernando Alonso recently acquired a rare 2019 Aston Martin Vantage AMR, previously driven by Dani Juncadella. This purchase, made after Alonso’s test drive at Spain’s Jarama circuit, has significantly heightened interest in the limited-edition model.

Key Takeaways:

  • Exceptional Purchase: Fernando Alonso, the renowned F1 driver, recently bought an ex-Dani Juncadella Aston Martin Vantage AMR from the 2019 DTM season. The car, one of only five chassis made, was a test unit, with the others actively competing. Alonso’s decision came after he was impressed with the car’s performance during a test drive at the Jarama circuit in Spain.
  • Market Impact: Following Alonso’s purchase, demand for the remaining Aston Martin Vantage AMRs has surged. HWA board member Gordian von Schoning noted a significant increase in interest for the two available vehicles, indicating the influence of Alonso’s choice on the market.
  • Personal Touch: Alonso’s new car, handed over at the Jarama event, was customized at his request, adding a passenger seat. Daniel Juncadella, who assisted Alonso during the test drive, commented on Alonso’s quick understanding and minimal need for guidance, highlighting his vast experience and natural affinity for racing vehicles.

In a move that has captivated the racing world, Fernando Alonso, the esteemed Aston Martin driver, has expanded his love for the brand by purchasing an ex-Dani Juncadella Aston Martin Vantage AMR from the 2019 DTM season. This acquisition showcases not just Alonso’s passion for racing but also his commitment to the Aston Martin brand.

During a sponsored event in September 2023 at the Jarama circuit in Spain, Alonso tested this rare car. Impressed by its outstanding performance, he decided to purchase one of the five unique chassis assembled by R-Motorsport in collaboration with HWA AG. The vehicle, which he obtained for an undisclosed amount, is distinctive as it was a test unit, while the remaining four units are actively used in competitions.

Martin Marx, the managing director at HWA, confirmed that Alonso himself initiated the purchase. This personal interest from a two-time F1 World Champion has not only put a spotlight on this particular model but also on the brand as a whole.

The demand for the rare Aston Martin model saw a noticeable increase following Alonso’s purchase. HWA board member Gordian von Schoning told, “After the sale to Fernando, who drives this car and obviously enjoys it, interest in the two vehicles that are still available has increased significantly. For us too, it is the ideal scenario if the car is in good hands and continues to be driven.”

Alonso’s customization of the car included adding a passenger seat, which required a compromise in the fuel tank capacity. His attention to detail and specific requirements for the car highlight his deep involvement and enthusiasm for the vehicle.

Daniel Juncadella, who accompanied Alonso during his test drive, praised the F1 driver’s swift understanding of the car’s mechanics and performance. Juncadella noted, “He has a lot of experience and knows racing cars well. But it was interesting to spend the day with him. It seems that everything is very natural for him.”

This purchase by Alonso is not just a testament to his love for racing and high-performance vehicles but also a significant endorsement for the Aston Martin brand and the specific model. His influence in the racing world has undoubtedly played a role in elevating the desirability of these rare vehicles.

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