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Fernando Alonso Reacts To NASCAR Driver Pulling Off Insane Video Game-Inspired Move

NASCAR driver, Ross Chastain, took some notes from video games during his final lap of the NASCAR Xfinity 500 over the weekend, and he managed to pull it off. One of the fans to pick up on it was F1 driver, Fernando Alonso.

In the incredible footage that has now been shared on Twitter, fans could see Chastain accelerate to a high speed and ram his car into the raceway wall. On paper this sounds like a really stupid idea, however, Chastain rode the wall to finish in 5th place instead of 10th, moving him onto the next stage of the championship. The brave move also got Chastain the fastest final lap time by a crazy 2.5 seconds.

F1 icon, Fernando Alonso, didn’t miss out on sharing the moment to his fans, saying:

“This is the best thing of 2022 in motor racing! We all did this on video games with damage disable. Never thought this could become reality.”

@NASCARonNBC shared the video to Twitter, saying:
“>”UNBELIEVABLE! @RossChastain floors it along the wall to go from 10th to 5th and advance to the CHAMPIONSHIP!”

Chastain explained during a post-race interview:

“I played a lot of NASCAR 2005 on the GameCube which I had growing up. You could get away with it [in the game] and I never knew if it would actually work. I mean, I did that when I was eight years old.”

The Chevrolet Camara ZL1 driver, who competes for the Trackhorse Racing team, also explained that once he got the car against the wall he “basically let go of the wheel”. Chastain was lucky not to hit anything poking out from the raceway wall like an access gate. However, if he had finished in 10th place he would not have advanced to the championship so he didn’t have a lot to lose.

@NASCAR also shared some video footage of the manoeuvre to Twitter, but this time from Chastain’s point of view. They wrote:


As soon as fans saw the wall slide, they were quick to try it out for themselves in their games and share it on social media. Some clearly found it easier than others to pull the move off. Watch out for Alonso trying out any other video game-inspired moves at the Brazilian Grand Prix in a couple of weeks.

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