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Fernando Alonso’s Astonishing Comeback: Why He Left Alpine for Aston Martin

Exploring the Reasons Behind Fernando Alonso's Bold Move and His Impressive Revival in Formula 1

After a two-year journey with the team where he battled to just score points, Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso reveals the reason he left Alpine after the 2022 season. This year though, things changed for good when he joined Aston Martin and scored seven podiums already.

Sitting in the third spot on the drivers’ standings, Fernando took a huge leap from last year, to be in a car that also went through multiple changes since last season. Fortunately for him and Aston Martin, the AMR23- Alonso combination worked such wonders that it challenged Red Bull’s Sergio Perez on several occasions, especially in the early stages of the season. Being in a position that one can call ‘secure,’ Alonso reveals the reasons that caused the switch to Aston Martin. He spoke in the El Larguero podcast:

Despite his last win in 2013 and announcing retirement from F1 in 2018, only to return in 2021, Fernando Alonso proves that he still has the zeal to move up the ladder rather than remain inside a safe comfort zone. After all, at age 42, it is quite rare to witness an F1 driver frequent the podium. There are high chances of the Spanish driver experiencing his 33rd victory, but that is if Aston Martin ups the ante in 2024 with their new car. Alonso also revealed that he is indeed having a good time being competitive after a long break. He said:

“Joining Aston Martin was a pivotal decision for me. After my stint with Alpine, which had its own challenges and rewards, I felt the need for a change. It’s not easy to leave a team you’ve been a part of for two years, but I wanted a fresh start, a new challenge.

“Alpine is a great team, and I appreciate my time there, but when the opportunity with Aston Martin came up, I couldn’t resist. The team has shown immense progress, and their ambitions align with mine. I wanted to be in a competitive car, and I believe we can achieve great things together.

“The first, that Vettel retired. The second, that Alpine had been negotiating for several months and nothing was ever finalized, we agreed on everything, but the paper did not arrive, I noticed a bit of lack of professionalism.

“At Aston we had everything clear on Saturday after Vettel’s announcement on Thursday, the role on the table. That desire to have me seduced me. It was an adventure, there was risk, but it turned out well and the hunch worked this time. There were a few hours with the two offers on the table, but I saw more ambition in Aston Martin.”

“The AMR23 is a fantastic car, and the collaboration with the team has been outstanding. We’ve already achieved some remarkable results, and I’m hungry for more. I have to thank my team for their hard work and dedication. We’re here to win races and challenge for the championship.”

Alonso’s move to Aston Martin has indeed rejuvenated his F1 career. With his impressive performances this season, he has proven that age is just a number in Formula 1. As he sits comfortably in the third position in the drivers’ standings, fans are eager to see what the future holds for the Spanish driver and his team.

“I’m enjoying it and that’s the most important thing. When I returned to F1, I had the desire to be competitive again, to fight for victories and podiums, which I had not done in my last years before the break, and now I am enjoying it to the fullest.

“I would love to be on the podium of the year.”

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