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Ferrari Team Principal Fred Vasseur Debunks Blame Culture Notions with Resounding Clarity

Vasseur's Leadership Stamps Out False Rumors as Ferrari Forges Ahead

Ferrari Team Principal, Fred Vasseur, Dismisses Notions of Blame Culture Rumors

Ferrari’s distinguished team principal, Fred Vasseur, has unequivocally quashed the notion of a blame culture pervading the ranks of the Maranello-based outfit, dismissing such rumors as unequivocally “false”. The resounding refutation underscores Vasseur’s commitment to fostering a harmonious and productive atmosphere within the team.

Stepping into his role at the commencement of the current year, Vasseur succeeded Mattia Binotto, who had gracefully bowed out at the culmination of 2022. The seasoned Frenchman transitioned from his prior responsibilities at Sauber, where he held the esteemed positions of Managing Director and CEO of Sauber Motorsport AG, as well as Team Principal of the Alfa Romeo F1 Team. His extensive experience also extends to a tenure as Team Principal of the Renault F1 Team.

In a recent exclusive interview with La Gazzetta Dello Sport, Vasseur candidly opened up about his experience and perspective since joining the Ferrari team. When queried about the aspects that have most captivated him about his new role, Vasseur promptly responded:

“The passion around the team, which is mega. Every morning when I get to the office there are people ‘charged’ in front of the entrance. It’s a big push, even if sometimes it doesn’t help when you need time and calm to grow.”

“Moving onto the work ethic within the team and claims of a blame culture,” Vasseur expounded further:

“Then the working climate: in the paddock, when it was speculated that I might come to Ferrari, everyone said to me ‘you’ll see what a mess, what infighting’. This is completely false. 

“It is an idea that people have formed and have used to repeating. But if I compare Ferrari to other teams, even those I’ve been to, the atmosphere is very good. I’m always critical of myself, and I push everyone: the worst for a team is to be complacent and relaxed. We argue a lot , and today in Ferrari around a table we don’t blame each other”.

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