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FIA President Lauds Fernando Alonso’s Influence in F1 Despite Fiery Temperament

FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem recently disclosed his frequent, albeit “angry”, phone conversations with F1 legend Fernando Alonso. Despite these exchanges, Ben Sulayem hailed Alonso as a smart, impactful driver in Formula 1.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fernando Alonso continues to be a towering figure in F1, admired for his resilience and comeback into the sport.
  • FIA President Ben Sulayem values Alonso’s passionate feedback and intelligence, considering him a boon to the racing world.
  • Alonso’s recent struggles were highlighted in the United States Grand Prix, where he qualified 17th, showcasing his continued fight in the sport.

In a revealing conversation with the Spanish media outlet AS, FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem expressed his admiration for Fernando Alonso’s enduring career and his inspirational role for upcoming racers. Ben Sulayem’s comments come in light of Alonso’s dynamic presence in Formula 1 – a sport known for its high-pressure environment and intense competition. “Fernando is a true example for young drivers,” Ben Sulayem stated. “He was in Formula 1, he left, he came back and he is as strong as ever. That is very complicated, F1 is extreme.”

Ben Sulayem, while acknowledging Alonso’s occasional fiery temperament, especially highlighted his intellectual approach to the sport. This aspect, according to Ben Sulayem, sets Alonso apart from his contemporaries. “He’s not just a champion, he’s smart. I’m not saying that others aren’t but Fernando is a truly intelligent champion, good for the sport,” he said.

The FIA president also touched on Alonso’s reactions when faced with challenges. Ben Sulayem revealed, “When he gets angry, he calls me: ‘Boss! President!’. And he says some swear words. But we are drivers and I understand the frustration of drivers. He is really good at this sport, he talks, he has good ideas and he brings enormous value to the sport.”

Ben Sulayem’s comments not only underscore Alonso’s technical prowess and contribution to his team but also his significant impact on the sport as a whole. “Aside from his speed and the improvement he brings to the team, he is undeniable.”

At 42, Alonso, the oldest driver in the current Formula 1 lineup, continues to demonstrate his unwavering passion and commitment to the sport. His journey is a testament to his remarkable resilience and his ability to remain competitive at the highest level of motorsport. Alonso’s influence extends beyond the track, as he continues to inspire both current competitors and aspiring drivers with his remarkable career and enduring dedication to Formula 1.

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