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FIA Reverses Pit Lane Overtaking Rule at Abu Dhabi GP After Verstappen’s Controversial Tactics

The FIA has withdrawn its decision to allow pit lane overtaking at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, following safety concerns raised by drivers, including Max Verstappen’s controversial practice session tactics. This sudden policy reversal underscores the importance of driver feedback in F1 regulations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Immediate Rule Reversal: In response to drivers’ safety concerns, especially criticisms of Max Verstappen’s approach during the second free practice session, the FIA quickly reversed their decision on pit lane overtaking before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
  • Safety Concerns Highlighted: Drivers, in a post-practice briefing, voiced unease over Verstappen’s tactic of overtaking in the pit lane then abruptly slowing down. This maneuver was widely regarded as dangerous and likely to cause accidents.
  • Temporary Adaptation: The FIA’s reversal is a provisional adjustment for the Abu Dhabi weekend. The decision follows a brief period where pit lane overtaking under certain conditions was permitted but is now suspended due to raised safety issues.

The Formula 1 community has witnessed a prompt and crucial policy shift by the FIA, driven by input from the drivers, particularly in relation to Max Verstappen’s actions. Just a few hours ahead of the third practice session at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, an official notice was issued, ending the brief allowance of overtaking at the pit lane exit, a rule that was initially introduced under specific circumstances.

Sky Sports reported that this alteration was initially made at the request of drivers, aiming to create a safer racing environment. Nevertheless, during the second free practice, Max Verstappen, the reigning world champion, engaged in a style of driving that sparked widespread controversy. He surpassed several drivers in the pit lane, including George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, only to drastically reduce his speed upon leading the group. This maneuver, particularly Verstappen’s sudden deceleration, received criticism from his peers.

The concerns intensified in the post-practice drivers’ briefing. As per Sky Sports, the drivers described Verstappen’s tactics as “dangerous” and a precursor to potential accidents. Heeding these worries, the FIA reverted to the original rule, prohibiting any overtaking in the pit lane for the duration of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend and possibly extending into the next season.

This turn of events signifies a temporary change in the FIA’s stance on pit lane strategy. Previously, the authority permitted overtaking as long as slower vehicles remained to the left, allowing faster cars safer exits. However, in light of the recent developments and escalated safety concerns, such maneuvers will no longer be seen in Abu Dhabi this weekend. The decision highlights the FIA’s commitment to driver safety and the dynamic nature of F1 rule-making, where driver feedback plays a crucial role in shaping the regulations.

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