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Ford Exit Clause Revealed Amid Red Bull Turmoil – F1 News

Amidst the ongoing investigation into Christian Horner’s conduct, a revealed exit clause in Ford’s contract with Red Bull hints at potential partnership instability.

Key Takeaways:

  • The unresolved investigation into Christian Horner’s conduct has unsettled Red Bull’s partners, including Ford, who is slated to become the team’s power supplier from 2026.
  • An exit clause within the contract between Ford and Red Bull has been identified, allowing Ford to terminate the partnership if desired.
  • Ford’s statement underscores their expectation for high standards of behaviour and integrity from their partners, which could be compromised by the outcome of Horner’s investigation.

As Red Bull Racing faces a period of uncertainty due to the ongoing investigation into allegations of inappropriate behaviour by their team principal, Christian Horner, the stability of their future partnerships hangs in the balance. Among these partnerships, the one with Ford, set to commence in 2026 as the team’s power unit supplier, has attracted particular attention due to the discovery of a contractual exit clause.

This clause reportedly grants Ford the discretion to withdraw from the agreement under certain conditions, a revelation that underscores the potential fallout from the Horner investigation.

This matter hints at the unease among Red Bull’s partners. The clause is believed to provide Ford with a legitimate pathway to disengage from the partnership, should they find the association with Red Bull detrimental to their brand, especially in light of the controversy surrounding Horner, something of which we know very little about.

“According to people who know the nature of the partnership, Ford has the possibility of leaving Red Bull if he wishes,” the report read.

Ford’s recent statement, highlighting their demand for “very high standard of behaviour and integrity,” further indicates the critical importance of the investigation’s outcome to the future of the alliance.

The controversy is not without its potential consequences for Red Bull Racing. This situation places the Milton Keynes squad in a precarious position, as they navigate the challenges of maintaining their partnerships and team cohesion amidst the ongoing allegations. The investigation into Horner’s conduct not only threatens his position but also poses a significant risk to the team’s operational stability and future prospects.

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