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Former Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto Shifts Careers, Joins Texa’s E-Powertrains Program

In a surprising career move, former Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto has transitioned away from Formula 1 to join Texa’s E-Powertrains program, signaling a shift towards vehicle electrification.

Key Takeaways:

  • Binotto’s move from Formula 1 to Texa’s E-Powertrains program signifies a significant career shift towards vehicle electrification.
  • The strategic project of Texa, aimed at Italian excellence in advanced technologies for new mobility, attracted Binotto despite his background in motorsport.
  • Texa’s CEO, Bruno Vianello, welcomes Binotto’s Formula 1 expertise, positioning Texa to become a global technological benchmark in electric traction for sports cars.

Rumors swirling around former Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto suggested he might be scooped up by rival Formula 1 teams. However, Binotto surprised many by opting for a different trajectory, joining Italian company Texa’s Administration Council to spearhead their E-Powertrains program, focused on advancing vehicle electrification technologies.

Binotto expressed his enthusiasm for Texa’s ambitious project, highlighting its strategic vision for Italian excellence in cutting-edge automotive technologies:

“Apart from the agonistic experience, which I have always pursued in my whole life, I was attracted in Texa by the strategical audacity of its project, which aims to build an Italian excellence based on the most advanced technologies for the new mobility.”

Texa’s CEO, Bruno Vianello, welcomed Binotto’s expertise, particularly his background in Formula 1, emphasizing the company’s aspirations to lead in the realm of electric traction for sports cars:

“I’m pleased that a top manager like Mattia, who has gained an extraordinary experience in the world of Formula 1, synonym with top-level technology and competitivity, has chosen to enrich Texa’s team with his empowering contribution.”

Binotto’s transition from Formula 1 to Texa’s E-Powertrains program underscores the evolving landscape of automotive technology, with electrification emerging as a focal point for industry innovation. As Binotto embarks on this new chapter, his blend of motorsport expertise and strategic vision promises to elevate Texa’s role in shaping the future of mobility.

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