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Formula One Eyes New York City as Next American Racing Venue, Says Chairman Chase Carey

In a recent statement, Formula One’s non-executive chairman Chase Carey hinted at New York City as a potential new location for an American race. This news comes after the successful establishment of races in Austin, Miami, and Las Vegas, indicating a growing F1 presence in the United States.

Key Takeaways:

  • Chase Carey’s Vision for F1 Expansion: Since Liberty Media’s acquisition of F1, there has been a clear strategy to expand the sport’s presence in the United States. Carey, who played a pivotal role in this expansion, expressed his ambition to include New York City alongside Las Vegas and Miami as key American locations for F1 races.
  • F1’s Growing American Footprint: The Austin race, which debuted in 2011, marked the beginning of F1’s renewed focus in the U.S. With Carey at the helm, the sport has successfully ventured into Miami and Las Vegas, reflecting a strategic shift under Liberty Media’s ownership.
  • Technical Aspects of New Tracks: Former F1 driver and Sky F1 pundit Martin Brundle’s insights on the new high-speed street circuits, particularly the technical and challenging nature of the tracks, highlight the evolving complexity and excitement of the newer F1 courses.

The potential addition of New York City to the Formula 1 calendar marks a significant step in the sport’s expansion in the United States. The initiative, largely driven by former chairman and CEO Chase Carey, reflects a strategic vision by Liberty Media, which took over the sport’s ownership in 2017. Carey’s desire to see the sport grow in major U.S. cities was evident early on, with Las Vegas, Miami, and New York City identified as primary targets.

Under Liberty Media’s ownership, Formula 1 has seen a substantial shift in its approach to race locations, focusing on metropolitan areas with high visibility and appeal. The success of races in Austin, Miami, and Las Vegas underlines the effective execution of this strategy. Carey’s tenure, which saw him step down as CEO in 2021, has been marked by these successful expansions.

Further emphasizing the technical prowess and appeal of the new tracks, Martin Brundle, in his column for Sky Sports, detailed his experience on the high-speed street circuit. Brundle’s comments underscore the complexity and excitement that new tracks bring to the sport, challenging drivers and offering a spectacle for fans. His observations about the track being more than just a backdrop to the event but a key component of the race’s appeal, highlight the evolution of track design in recent years.

The prospect of New York City hosting a Formula 1 race could further elevate the sport’s profile in the U.S. and attract a new audience. This expansion represents a blend of strategic vision and a response to the growing interest in Formula 1 across the globe. With Liberty Media at the helm, the future of Formula 1 in the United States looks promising, with New York City potentially joining the list of iconic locations hosting the pinnacle of motorsport.

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