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General Motors Joins Forces with Andretti Cadillac for F1 Powertrain Venture in 2028

In a significant development for Formula 1, General Motors has confirmed its partnership with Andretti Cadillac for a 2028 powertrain project. This move marks GM’s increased commitment to F1, linking with Andretti for a potential new team entry in 2025.

Key Takeaways:

  • GM-Cadillac and Andretti Collaboration: General Motors, through its Cadillac sub-brand, plans to make a bold entry into F1 by forming a new 11th team in collaboration with Andretti. The team has received the green light from the FIA, but is still awaiting approval from Formula One Management (FOM), facing pushback from current teams concerned about the financial and competitive landscape.
  • Lobbying and Engine Deals: At the forefront of their campaign for FOM approval is their presence at the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Andretti and GM executives are actively lobbying, eyeing a 2025 team launch. They are considering a partnership with Alpine for engine supply until GM is ready to produce its F1 powertrain in 2028.
  • GM’s Vision for F1 Technology: GM’s venture into F1 is more than a race for glory; it’s a strategic move to leverage F1’s platform for advancing technologies in electrification, hybridization, and sustainable fuels. This aligns with GM’s broader vision to lead in high-efficiency engines and innovative software, bolstering their global racing presence.

General Motors’ foray into Formula 1 through Cadillac is an ambitious step, as they aim to become a powertrain supplier by 2028. This development coincides with their efforts to enter the sport as the 11th team, a proposition already accepted by the FIA. Now, the critical decision rests with the FOM, determining the future of this potentially groundbreaking team.

The upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix will be a pivotal event for GM and Andretti, as discussions about the American team’s entry into F1 gain momentum. The focus is now shifting to the powertrain, a critical component of their proposed entry.

GM president Mark Reuss expressed his enthusiasm for the venture, stating, “We are thrilled that our new Andretti Cadillac F1 entry will be powered by a GM power unit.” He emphasized GM’s extensive engineering and racing expertise, expressing confidence in developing a successful power unit for F1. “We will run with the very best, at the highest levels, with passion and integrity that will help elevate the sport for race fans around the world,” Reuss added.

Reuss further confirmed the strength of the partnership between GM and Andretti, remarking, “GM is committed to partnering with Andretti to race in F1. The collaboration between Andretti-Cadillac brings together two unique entities built for racing, both with long pedigrees of success in motorsport globally.”

As the F1 world eagerly anticipates the outcome of this partnership, the collaboration between General Motors and Andretti Cadillac could mark a new era in Formula 1, blending American engineering prowess with the sport’s rich European heritage.

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