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Gerhard Berger Criticizes Sergio Perez’s Las Vegas GP Performance: A Beginner’s Error

In a surprising turn of events at the Las Vegas Grand Prix, Sergio Perez’s error in the final lap led to a scathing critique from former F1 driver Gerhard Berger. This incident has added another layer of scrutiny to Perez’s already challenging 2023 season.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gerhard Berger’s Critique: The former F1 driver Gerhard Berger expressed severe disappointment in Sergio Perez’s handling of the race, particularly critiquing a critical mistake in the final lap that allowed Charles Leclerc to overtake him.
  • Perez’s Challenging Season: Throughout the 2023 season, Sergio Perez struggled with inconsistency and costly errors, resulting in a significant 290-point gap behind his teammate, Max Verstappen.
  • Qualifying Struggles: Despite driving the superior RB19 car, Perez’s qualifying performances were below expectations, achieving a top-four start in only one of the latter 17 races of the season.

Former Formula 1 race winner Gerhard Berger has openly criticized Red Bull driver Sergio Perez for a mistake during the final lap of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. This error, which Berger described as something “not even a beginner makes,” allowed Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc to pass Perez. The 2023 season has been tough for Perez, marked by various errors and inconsistent performances, resulting in a substantial points gap from his teammate, Max Verstappen.

This latest round of criticism comes from Gerhard Berger, a respected and accomplished figure in the world of Formula 1, with a successful career spanning from 1984 to 1997 and encompassing ten race victories. His critique of Perez’s performance is particularly notable, given his extensive experience and knowledge of the sport. Speaking to Kronen Zeitung, Berger said:

“Yes, if you lump Max and Pérez together, then on average Helmut [Marko] will be fine again. Just looking at Leclerc’s overtaking manoeuvre against Perez on the last lap of the grand prix in Las Vegas, I have to say that not even a beginner makes such a mistake.”

Despite a season fraught with challenges, Perez managed to secure second place in the drivers’ championship, contributing to Red Bull’s first 1-2 finish. His ability to secure crucial points, even amidst a series of setbacks, demonstrates his resilience and skill as a Formula 1 driver. However, the recent criticism from Berger underscores the high expectations and pressure in the pinnacle of motorsport. As the season progresses, all eyes will be on Perez to see how he responds to this feedback and whether he can turn his fortunes around in the upcoming races.

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