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Guenther Steiner Advocates Reinstating German Grand Prix to Formula 1 Calendar for Market Boost

Haas Team Principal Highlights the Prospective Upsides of Reviving the German Grand Prix Amidst Ongoing Expansion Efforts in Formula 1

Haas Team Principal Guenther Steiner Emphasizes Benefits of German Grand Prix Return to F1 Calendar

In a bid to rejuvenate the Formula 1 scene, Haas team principal Guenther Steiner has shed light on the potential advantages of reintroducing the German Grand Prix to the F1 calendar. While maintaining due respect for the ongoing efforts of Formula One Management in orchestrating the sport’s expansion, Steiner asserts that a comeback of the race to Germany holds significant promise, proving “suitable” and “advantageous” for a market that is experiencing a subtle downturn.

In the context of Haas’ forthcoming Dutch Grand Prix, Steiner engages in discussions about the intriguing prospect of hosting home races for both German driver Nico Hulkenberg and Danish driver Kevin Magnussen. Elaborating on this notion, Steiner elucidates, “The notion of the German Grand Prix regaining its place in the F1 calendar is an exciting proposition, offering a considerable boost to the sport’s appeal in the region.”

“With the popularity of Formula 1 right now, I think we could race everywhere and sell out the venue. Obviously, there are contracts in place and FOM is managing this, but I think a race in Germany would be appropriate in my opinion.

“It’s a big ‘car’ country, there’s a German driver and there’s a lot of history within Formula 1. At the moment, it’s the only market that is a bit in decline, everywhere else is growing, so of course a race would help, and it would give millions of fans in Germany a chance to see a race in their home country.

“Denmark’s also got a lot of history in Formula 1, now having Kevin [Magnussen] here is what they want and there was a plan to have a race in Copenhagen which would’ve been fantastic.

“It’s a fantastic city and I think they would’ve been ready, but I think the politicians couldn’t agree, so therefore it was decided not to have it for now but hopefully, that idea comes back.”

The German Grand Prix was last featured on the F1 calendar in 2019, culminating in a triumphant victory for Max Verstappen. However, the event’s history has been punctuated by a defining moment – Niki Lauda’s notorious crash in 1976 led to a shift in the race’s venue, with the Nurburgring relinquishing its hosting responsibilities to the Hockenheim circuit, which went on to become the iconic home of the event.

The much-anticipated calendar for the upcoming year, 2024, has already been unveiled. With numerous tracks locked into lengthy contracts and an extensive lineup of 24 races already slated, the feasibility of the German Grand Prix’s swift reinstatement remains unclear. Nevertheless, Steiner’s advocacy for this revival stands as a testament to the enduring allure of the race and its significance in F1 history.

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