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Hailie Deegan Sinks Four-Wheeler Before Proving Her Skills In Off-Road Buggy

When Hailie Deegan isn’t ripping it up at NASCAR, she’s competing in the dirt where she began her career in racing. She is the first female driver to have won races in the NASCAR West Series, with her podiums coming in 2018 and 2019, but now she’s in front of the camera alongside YouTuber Braydon Price. As you’ll see from the video, all’s well didn’t end well.

Getting Muddy With Hailie

While Hailie developed her chops on dirt, she’s never attempted mudding before, so Braydon had to give her a few pointers before she started to lessen her chances of sinking the four-wheeler. She successfully powers through the first mudhole with only a little bit of an issue, but she’s happy and wanting more.

Disaster Strikes

Further into the video, things get a little harder as Braydon and Hailie start to find deeper holes to wade through. They both become saturated in wet mud, but they continue to push through. Into another hole, however, Braydon mentions that there’s a rut hidden under the water that they’ll have to avoid, but as much as she tried to stay out of it, they fell into it, capsizing the four-wheeler.

Showing Us How It’s Done

Towards the end of the video, Braydon shows Hailie what he can do in an X-3 buggy. Although, this doesn’t quite go to plan either as they get stuck almost straight away. Hailie takes the wheel and shows him what she can do, with Braydon obviously blown away by the sheer pace of her driving.

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