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Helmut Marko Lauds Sergio Perez’s Tactical Brilliance in Bahrain GP, Aiding Red Bull’s Top Finish

In a surprising turn of events, Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s advisor, commended Sergio Perez for his crucial role in securing a 1-2 finish at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Perez’s strategic performance was highlighted as he effectively held back Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari, assisting teammate Max Verstappen.

Key Takeaways:

  • Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko praised Sergio Perez for his tactical prowess in containing Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari during the Bahrain Grand Prix, a pivotal factor in Red Bull’s dominant 1-2 finish.
  • Despite a fifth-place start, Perez mounted an impressive rally, overtaking rivals like Sainz, Charles Leclerc, and George Russell, culminating in a stellar second-place finish.
  • Marko underscored Perez’s strategic restraint during the race, emphasizing the absence of a need for increased pace, and acknowledged the overall positive outcome for the team.

In the aftermath of the Bahrain Grand Prix, the F1 world was abuzz with the news of Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko’s accolades for Sergio Perez. Marko, known for his forthright opinions, notably shifted gears from his previous critiques of Perez, offering high praise for the Mexican driver’s performance in the season opener. Perez’s tactical acumen shone through as he successfully maintained his position in P2, crucially impeding Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari and, by extension, safeguarding teammate Max Verstappen’s lead.

Marko’s commendation focused on Perez’s strategic approach during the race. Speaking to, Marko said, “It wouldn’t have made any sense to push the pace. He had Sainz under control and there was no chance of moving forward. Perez therefore did absolutely the right thing tactically and never pushed. To put it another way, he could have driven faster, but there was no reason to. It was an impeccable performance.”

The veteran driver’s progression from P5 to P2 was nothing short of remarkable, navigating through challenging battles and strategic decision-making. Marko elaborated on Perez’s ascent, stating, “Yeah, I think starting from P5, it’s always nice to make good progress. There were a lot of battles on track, which around this place, you just go into a very different strategy once that happens. You are sliding a lot more in traffic. And I think overall, it’s a very good team result. Yeah, it was quite close with the Ferraris, with the Mercs early on. We were fighting with the DRS, obviously, being a lap earlier. It just changes a few things out there.”

As Perez embarks on potentially his final year with Red Bull, questions loom about his future with the team. His contract is set to expire after the 2024 season, raising speculations about a possible extension or the search for a successor. With a 24-race season ahead, the pressure and expectations will undoubtedly be high, not just for Perez, but for the entire Red Bull team as they navigate the dynamics of the F1 championship.

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