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Jessica Hawkins Surpasses Felipe Drugovich in Secret F1 Lap Times, Reveals Nico Rosberg

In a surprising turn of events, former F1 champion Nico Rosberg disclosed that Jessica Hawkins’ secret lap times in the Aston Martin F1 test were faster than those of Felipe Drugovich. This revelation could mark a significant step towards the return of a female driver to Formula 1 racing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jessica Hawkins’ Impressive Performance: During a test in the Aston Martin AMR21 F1 car at the Hungaroring, Jessica Hawkins, the 28-year-old driver and Aston Martin ambassador, completed 26 laps, displaying a performance that might pave the way for her entry into Formula 1.
  • Nico Rosberg’s Revelations: Nico Rosberg, a former F1 champion, has revealed that Hawkins’ lap times were faster than Aston Martin reserve driver and Formula 2 champion, Felipe Drugovich, although he chose not to disclose the exact times.
  • Hawkins’ Future Ambitions: Jessica Hawkins expressed her satisfaction with her test performance and her ambition to return to the car, contributing to Aston Martin’s F1 academy, and inspiring more women in the sport.

In what could be a pivotal moment for women in Formula 1, Jessica Hawkins, a 28-year-old driver and ambassador for Aston Martin, has reportedly outperformed Felipe Drugovich, the team’s reserve driver, in a recent test session. This information, revealed by former F1 champion Nico Rosberg, suggests that Hawkins could soon break the barrier and join the elite ranks of Formula 1 drivers.

Hawkins’ test run at the Hungaroring in Hungary was her first time behind the wheel of an F1 car in five years. Covering 26 laps in the AMR21 F1 car, her performance left little doubt about her capabilities. Rosberg, who had access to her lap times, praised Hawkins, saying, “What everybody doesn’t know, I know your lap times when you were testing. I can tell the little secret that you were rapid compared to the official test driver. I’m not going to say the exact times, because I know those too, but you were super rapid.”

Hawkins’ response to this praise was modest yet confident. “It went well and I maybe surprised myself, I was very happy with how it went,” she said. When asked about her future plans, Hawkins spoke enthusiastically about her desire to get back in the F1 car and push her limits further. She also mentioned her commitment to Aston Martin’s involvement in the F1 academy and her goal to inspire more women in the sport. “My next goal is to push to get back in the car. I think at least I did a good enough job to put myself in that position. Over the winter I’ll work hard to ensure that I’m able to bring other sponsors and the partners to work with me to achieve my dream and work with them to achieve theirs, and inspiring more women along the way,” she elaborated.

This development not only highlights Hawkins’ potential as a driver but also signifies a step forward in the ongoing effort to increase female representation in Formula 1. With her sights set on further proving her skills and attracting sponsors, Hawkins may soon become a familiar face on the F1 grid, challenging the norms and inspiring a new generation of female racers.

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