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Laurent Mekies Takes Charge as AlphaTauri Team Principal, Marking a New Era for the F1 Team

Laurent Mekies has officially commenced his role as the Team Principal of AlphaTauri, succeeding Franz Tost. With his rich background in Formula 1, notably at Ferrari, Mekies embarks on a journey to steer AlphaTauri to new heights.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mekies’ Anticipated Leadership: Laurent Mekies begins his journey at AlphaTauri with optimism and gratitude. He expressed his enthusiasm with these words: “A new adventure starts now, and it is with a great sense of gratefulness that I go from a very special racing family to another very special racing family.”
  • Franz Tost’s Departure: After 18 years at the helm of AlphaTauri, Franz Tost steps into semi-retirement, leaving a legacy of dedication and success.
  • Additional Strategic Changes: The appointment of Peter Bayer as Chief Executive Officer alongside Mekies signifies a strategic management shift for AlphaTauri, indicating fresh ambitions for the team.

Laurent Mekies, a name synonymous with Formula 1 expertise, has taken the reins at AlphaTauri, stepping in after his tenure as the Sporting Director at Ferrari. His experience is not just limited to Ferrari; Mekies has had significant roles at Toro Rosso and Minardi, as well as holding influential positions at the FIA, including Safety Director and Deputy Race Director. Joining Ferrari in 2018, Mekies has been a pivotal figure in the racing world.

With Mekies at the helm, AlphaTauri welcomes a leader known for his comprehensive understanding of the sport and a distinct leadership style. This transition comes alongside the hiring of Peter Bayer as the new Chief Executive Officer of the team. Bayer, with his experience as a former FIA executive, is poised to complement Mekies’ leadership, forming a formidable duo at the forefront of AlphaTauri.

Mekies took to LinkedIn to announce his new role, stating: “A new adventure starts now, and it is with a great sense of gratefulness that I go from a very special racing family to another very special racing family. We are embarking into an exciting journey, a new chapter for us to write all together, and I can’t wait to work alongside the talented people in Faenza and in Bicester.”

The appointment also involved paying homage to Franz Tost. Mekies acknowledged Tost’s substantial contributions to the team and expressed his eagerness for the future: “Firstly, I’d like to pay tribute to Franz [Tost] for the great job he has done over almost two decades in charge at Faenza. I wish him well for the future and I know that both Peter [Bayer] and I will rely on his input and advice in times to come. Looking forward, I am honoured to take on the role of Team Principal and to return to the team where I spent a large portion of my early career. Scuderia AlphaTauri has all of the ingredients necessary for greater success in the future and in tandem with Peter I’m looking forward to making that happen.”

This new chapter in AlphaTauri’s history is not just a change in leadership but a signal of new aspirations and strategies that Mekies and Bayer are expected to bring to the team. With Mekies’ vision and Bayer’s strategic expertise, AlphaTauri is on the cusp of an exciting era in Formula 1 racing.

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