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Ferrari Surpasses FIA Homologation Tests, Outshining Red Bull in 2024 Chassis Development

In a remarkable display of engineering prowess, Ferrari’s 2024 chassis has passed all FIA homologation tests, overshadowing Red Bull’s rumored struggles. The Ferrari 676 model’s success, as reported by, signals a potential edge over the reigning world champions in the upcoming season.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ferrari’s Triumph: The Maranello-based squad’s 2024 chassis has adeptly passed all FIA homologation tests, setting them apart from Red Bull, who were rumoured to encounter issues with their RB20 chassis during the frontal dynamic test.
  • Red Bull’s Setback and Ferrari’s Strategic Testing: While Red Bull reportedly struggled with damage to their chassis during a test aiming for a more extreme nose, Ferrari’s strategic choice to conduct their dynamic crash tests at the CSI centre in Bollate paid off. The new design by Fabio Montecchi was crafted in response to the FIA’s increased load requirements following Zhou’s Guanyu’s horrific British GP accident in 2022.
  • Innovations in Ferrari’s Chassis Design: Significant changes have been made to the 676’s design, including the relocation of the lower anti-intrusion cone, which previously affected airflow patterns in last year’s model. There is speculation that the front section of the body might adopt a keeled design, similar to Red Bull’s RB19.

Ferrari has once again demonstrated their engineering excellence by successfully passing all the homologation tests set by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) for their 2024 chassis. This achievement, as highlighted by, not only underscores Ferrari’s technical acumen but also poses a potential challenge to Red Bull Racing, the current world champions.

The Ferrari 676, a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the SF-23, faced no complications during the demanding FIA tests. These tests included the newly introduced extreme static roll-hoop test, reflecting the team’s commitment to meeting the highest safety standards.

The success story of the Ferrari team is further amplified by the struggles faced by Red Bull. Rumors suggest that Red Bull’s RB20 chassis encountered problems during its frontal dynamic test, specifically with chassis damage under extreme conditions. This setback for Red Bull could be a crucial factor in the upcoming racing season.

Enrico Cardile’s leadership in Ferrari’s engineering team has proven fruitful, with the team’s innovative approach to chassis design paying dividends. Notable changes include the relocation of the lower anti-intrusion cone, a move that addresses airflow issues encountered in the previous model. Additionally, there is growing speculation around the possibility of the Ferrari 676 adopting a keeled design for the front section of the body, drawing parallels with Red Bull’s RB19 design.

Ferrari’s triumph in the FIA tests sets an optimistic tone for their 2024 campaign. The Ferrari 676 is eagerly awaited for its first showcase at Fiorano on February 13, with a subsequent filming day featuring notable drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. This event is not just a demonstration of Ferrari’s technical advancements but also a morale booster for the team as they gear up for the pre-season testing beginning on February 21.

In conclusion, Ferrari’s successful navigation of the FIA homologation tests for their 2024 chassis marks a significant milestone in their pursuit of excellence. With Red Bull potentially on the back foot, the upcoming season promises to be an intriguing battle of technical mastery and strategic planning in the high-stakes world of Formula 1 racing.

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