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Lewis Hamilton Continues with Trusted Race Engineer at Mercedes: A Long-Standing Partnership Strengthened

Lewis Hamilton, the celebrated seven-time F1 champion, has officially confirmed the extension of his race engineer Peter Bonnington’s contract at Mercedes, aligning with his own recent contract renewal. Their successful partnership, a cornerstone in Hamilton’s illustrious career, is set to continue, marking a significant moment in Formula One history.

Key Takeaways:

  • Continued Collaboration with ‘Bono’: Peter Bonnington, affectionately known as ‘Bono’, will remain Lewis Hamilton’s race engineer, following Hamilton’s two-year contract extension with Mercedes. Their partnership, since Hamilton joined Mercedes in 2013, has become a defining element of his career and a notable pairing in F1 history.
  • Hamilton’s Reflection on Longevity and Passion: At 38, Hamilton expressed surprise at his sustained enthusiasm for the sport. He highlighted his love for working with Bonnington and the team, emphasizing the unique experiences of shared challenges and triumphs in Formula One.
  • Record-Setting Engineer-Driver Pairing: Hamilton noted the historical significance of his longstanding relationship with Bonnington, suggesting it may be one of the longest engineer-driver pairings in the sport. Their collaboration has been integral to setting records and achieving remarkable success on the track.

Lewis Hamilton, a name synonymous with success in Formula One, has brought yet another exciting development to the forefront of F1 news. Confirming the extension of his race engineer, Peter Bonnington’s contract, Hamilton ensures the continuation of a partnership that has become almost legendary in the world of motorsports. This news comes on the heels of Hamilton’s own contract extension with Mercedes until the end of 2025, a commitment mirrored by his teammate George Russell.

The duo of Hamilton and Bonnington, often referred to simply as ‘Bono’, has been a hallmark of F1 since 2013. Their collaboration has yielded extraordinary success, marked by Hamilton’s seven world titles. The announcement was made ahead of the Italian Grand Prix, where Hamilton shared, “Yes, Bono is stuck! I’m very fortunate. Again, that’s history, as well. I don’t think there’s ever been an engineer and driver pairing for this long. We’re setting records.”

Hamilton’s reflection on his career’s longevity and his continued passion for the sport was equally noteworthy. “Yes definitely [surprised]. I didn’t think I’d be the age that I am, and feel the way I do, physically and mentally. And still love what I do. That’s something I’m incredibly grateful for,” he explained. His comments underline a deep-seated love for Formula One, a sentiment that fuels his ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Hamilton’s ability to maintain high levels of performance and passion, even at 38, serves as an inspiration. He continued, “Some people stay in the same jobs and roles for a long period of time, fall out of love with it, but keep going because maybe it’s the only thing they can do. I still love working alongside Bono and the guys in the team, chasing that common goal and dream. I love the feeling of having the lows and highs together. There’s nothing like it.”

As Hamilton and Bonnington gear up for future challenges and potential triumphs, the F1 world watches with anticipation. Their partnership, tested and proven on the tracks, stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and mutual dedication in the pursuit of greatness in Formula One.

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