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Lewis Hamilton’s Continued Struggle with W15 Bouncing Issues: A Persistent Challenge in F1

In the recent Saudi Arabian GP qualifying, Lewis Hamilton faced significant challenges with his W15 car, highlighting a recurring issue that has plagued him for three years. His frustration was evident as he struggled with the car’s stability at high speeds.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lewis Hamilton’s ongoing issues with the W15’s bouncing have impacted his confidence and performance, marking a consistent problem over the past three years.
  • Despite temporary improvements, the bouncing problem resurfaced in the afternoon qualifying session, emphasizing the urgency of finding a solution.
  • Hamilton highlighted the importance of swiftly addressing this intensified issue, noting its significant effect on the car’s stability and overall performance.

Lewis Hamilton’s frustration with the persistent bouncing problems in his Mercedes car was palpable during the Saudi Arabian GP qualifying. This issue, which has been a thorn in his side for the past three years, came to the forefront following a difficult free practice session. Hamilton expressed his lack of confidence in the W15’s rear end, especially at high speeds, emphasizing the challenge he faced in maintaining consistency and control.

Hamilton’s struggle is not just about a single race but reflects an ongoing battle with the car’s mechanics. He shared his experience with Sky Sports F1, stating, “It was similar to previous years. There are so many elements of this car which are better, but we are being hindered with the bouncing we have.” His words convey a sense of a recurring nightmare, one that has not been resolved despite the team’s efforts.

Moreover, Hamilton’s narrative of the day’s events reveals the unpredictable nature of the problem. He recalled, “I was re-gaining this confidence again then when we get to qualifying, it disappeared again. But George did a great job. He’s a lot more comfortable in the car – similar to the past couple of years I’d say.”

The issue is not only about the car’s physical bouncing but also affects the mental aspect of racing. As Hamilton noted, the bouncing creates a significant challenge when driving at high speeds, requiring constant adjustments. He explained the difficulty, saying, “If you are doing that at 160 or 170mph, correcting that each time…the others like Max are flat through six, seven, and eight and the balance is just stable.”

Hamilton’s determination to overcome this challenge is clear. He emphasized the need for immediate action, underscoring his commitment to working with the team to resolve the issue. His concluding remarks, “We’ve got to fix it. It’s three years in a row. We’ve got to get on top of it,” highlight a resolve to conquer this persistent obstacle in his racing career.

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