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Looming Strike Threatens Las Vegas Grand Prix: High Stakes Battle Between Workers and Resorts

The Las Vegas Grand Prix faces turmoil as a potential strike by hospitality workers puts the race weekend in jeopardy.

As the Formula 1 calendar marks the return of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, an event steeped in anticipation, a new challenge has emerged that threatens to mar the race weekend’s success. The Culinary and Bartenders Union’s announcement of a potential strike involving 35,000 members could bring substantial disruption to what was shaping up to be a highlight event of the season.

This looming strike, if realized, would represent the first major walkout by hospitality workers in Las Vegas in ten years and could become the largest such strike in American history. The timing is particularly inopportune for Formula 1, which is gearing up to welcome a large influx of fans eager to witness the first Las Vegas Grand Prix since 1982.

The Associated Press reported a union spokesperson’s remarks, who confirmed that workers currently have health benefits and an hourly wage of $26. However, there was no clarity provided on the specifics of the pay raise they are seeking. After seven months of negotiations, the unions are at an impasse with major resorts like MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, and Wynn Resorts. With no resolution in sight, the possibility of a strike remains high, casting a shadow over the forthcoming race weekend.

Union representatives have advised fans and tourists to steer clear of properties where strikes might occur. This guidance could profoundly affect the Grand Prix, as many fans may find their accommodation and entertainment options severely limited.

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