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Madrid Set to Rev Up Formula 1 Calendar: New Spanish Grand Prix Venue to be Announced

Rumors have recently surfaced about Madrid being announced as the latest addition to the Formula One calendar, potentially replacing Barcelona as the Spanish Grand Prix host city. This move symbolizes the sport’s continuous evolution and response to its growing global demand.

Key Takeaways:

  • Expansion of F1’s Global Reach: The anticipated addition of Madrid to the Formula 1 calendar reflects the sport’s growing popularity and its shift towards accommodating a wider international audience. This change could see Madrid replacing Barcelona as the Spanish Grand Prix host, marking a significant update in F1’s traditional venue lineup.
  • New Street Circuit Approach: Madrid is expected to introduce a street circuit, continuing F1’s recent trend of incorporating city races into the calendar. This aligns with the sport’s strategy of making races more accessible and visually engaging for global fans.
  • Uncertain Future for Barcelona’s Circuit: The introduction of a Madrid venue brings uncertainty to the future of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in F1. With its contract expiring in 2026, the circuit’s role in future Grand Prix events is now in question, potentially ending its long-standing presence since 1991.

The surge in Formula 1’s popularity has opened up new possibilities for race locations, with Liberty Media actively seeking out diverse and exciting venues to enrich the F1 calendar. Madrid’s rumored entry is a testament to this expansion, potentially introducing a dynamic street circuit that combines the traditional and modern aspects of race tracks.

Despite the existence of Madrid’s traditional circuit, Jarama, the proposed new layout seems to prioritize a street circuit, likely to be situated near the IFEMA convention center and Barajas Airport. This approach echoes the appeal of other popular F1 street circuits, like those in Montreal and Melbourne, offering a mix of traditional racing elements with urban scenery.

While Barcelona’s Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has been a cornerstone of F1 since 1991, its future is now clouded with uncertainty due to Madrid’s emergence as a potential new host. The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is currently guaranteed participation in F1 events only until 2026.

The last time Madrid hosted a Grand Prix was in 1981 at the Jarama circuit. The prospect of its return to the F1 calendar is a nod to its racing history, while also injecting new life into the Spanish Grand Prix.

As per reports from, senior political figures in Madrid have hinted at an imminent announcement next week. The report states: “Senior political figures in Madrid have recently discussed the imminent announcement, which should take place next week.” This statement, yet to be confirmed by Formula One officials, has sparked anticipation and speculation among fans and stakeholders of the sport.

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