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Major Reshuffle as FIA Faces Key Technical Director Departure Post Steve Nielsen’s Exit

The FIA has confirmed the departure of Tim Goss from his role as a key technical director, following the exit of sporting director Steve Nielsen. This marks a significant change within the organisation, particularly in light of the upcoming 2026 regulations.

Key Takeaways

  • Major Departures and Appointments: The FIA is undergoing a major transformation with Tim Goss and Steve Nielsen stepping down. Goss, instrumental in the technical department and focusing on the 2026 regulations, leaves a considerable vacancy.
  • Tributes and Career Shifts: Nikolas Tombazis, FIA’s single-seater director, paid homage to the vital contributions of Goss and Nielsen. While expressing respect for their career choices, he wished them success in their future ventures. Goss, reflecting on his time at the FIA, praised the technical team’s capabilities and expressed confidence in their future achievements.
  • Operational and Technological Innovations: The FIA continues to evolve, adapting new technologies and regulatory approaches in the wake of these significant departures.

The FIA’s recent confirmation of Tim Goss’s departure as a key technical director signals a major shift in the organisation’s structure and future direction. Goss’s resignation comes on the heels of the pre-Christmas exit of sporting director Steve Nielsen, underscoring a period of significant transition within the FIA. His tenure at the FIA, following an extensive career at McLaren from 1990 to 2018, was marked by his influential role in the technical department, particularly with his focus on the forthcoming 2026 regulations.

Nikolas Tombazis, the single-seater director at the FIA, shared his sentiments on Goss’s departure, stating, “We are disappointed to lose a person of Tim’s calibre from the organisation. Tim has played a major part in the technical department and has always operated to the highest level. We understand that his career is taking a new direction going forward and we support and respect his desire to pursue another path, and wish him luck for his future endeavours.”

Reflecting on his tenure at the FIA, Goss himself remarked, “It’s been an honour to work as technical director at the FIA and to help shape the future of the sport. I take immense pride and satisfaction from the numerous achievements of the technical department during my stint at the FIA. The department boasts a number of highly talented individuals and I believe the organisation is on a firm footing in terms of technical expertise for the tasks which lie ahead – particularly the introduction of the 2026 regulations. I leave with fond memories of my time with the FIA.”

This recent departure signifies not just a significant loss for the FIA but also a notable turning point. As the organisation braces for the challenges of the upcoming 2026 regulations, Goss’s exit underscores the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of Formula 1’s governing body. The FIA’s future direction, particularly in terms of operational and technological advancements, will be closely watched by the motorsport community as it navigates through these pivotal changes.

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