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Marta Garcia Makes History as Inaugural F1 Academy Champion at Circuit of the Americas

In a thrilling finale at the Circuit of the Americas, Marta Garcia clinched the title as the first champion of the all-female F1 Academy series. This historic win underlines her dominance in the newly established racing series and sets a benchmark in women’s motorsports.

Key Takeaways:

  • Historic Championship Win: Marta Garcia, racing for team Prema, made history by winning the first-ever F1 Academy championship. This landmark achievement in the series’ debut year cements her status in the world of motorsports.
  • Integration into F1 Framework: From 2024, the F1 Academy will be more closely integrated with Formula 1. Each F1 team will sponsor a driver in this F4 spec series, emphasizing the importance of the championship in nurturing female racing talent.
  • Garcia’s Rising Career: Garcia’s impressive performance throughout the season, culminating in her victory at Austin, sets her up for potential advancement to the Formula Regional European series, backed by her championship win.

Marta Garcia’s journey to the championship was a spectacle of skill and determination. Beginning with a pole position in the opening race at Austin, she showcased remarkable expertise and resilience. Despite the pressure from her competitors, notably Alpine junior Abi Pulling, Garcia maintained her lead. The championship’s structure required her to finish in the top three, which she accomplished with grace, leaving little opportunity for Lena Buhler to close the points gap in the following races. Garcia’s consistent performance throughout the season, accumulating seven victories, not only brought her personal success but also earned team Prema its first F1 Academy title.

An emotional Garcia shared her feelings after the race:

“I’m so emotional right now, I was crying in the car. Super happy with the win in the championship, with my team Prema, and all of the hard work we’ve been doing through the season. It’s great, and I’m just really, really out of words.”

Garcia’s triumph in the F1 Academy is a significant milestone in her career. Her previous experience in the W Series has evidently prepared her for this success, and now she stands on the cusp of progressing to higher tiers of motorsport. The next logical step in her career could be the Formula Regional European series, a move that would be backed by her championship title.

Susie Wolff, F1 Academy’s managing director, praised Garcia’s season-long performance:

“She drove a great race, but actually over the season, she’s just been very impressive. She’s obviously had more experience than the other drivers, but she’s capitalised on that. I’m really excited to see where she goes from here because we’re going to be putting our full support behind her to make sure that she carries on and progresses up the ladder.”

Marta Garcia’s victory at the Circuit of the Americas is not just a personal triumph; it represents a significant step forward in the world of motorsports, especially for women drivers. As the F1 Academy continues to grow and integrate with the broader F1 framework, it paves the way for more women to follow in Garcia’s trailblazing footsteps.

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