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Martin Brundle Expresses Disappointment Over Max Verstappen’s Mild Singapore GP Penalty

In a recent development, Martin Brundle expressed his surprise and disappointment over the lenient penalty given to Max Verstappen during the Singapore Grand Prix. His comments highlight the contrasting treatment Verstappen received compared to similar incidents in the past.

Key Takeaways:

  • Martin Brundle’s Reaction: The former F1 driver and Sky Sports commentator Martin Brundle conveyed his astonishment and disappointment regarding the light penalty – two reprimands and a €5000 fine – imposed on Max Verstappen for impeding Yuki Tsunoda during the Singapore GP qualifying. Verstappen’s actions, which affected Tsunoda’s run and caused hindrances in the pit lane, have led to discussions about the fairness of the penalty.
  • Comparison with Past Penalties: The decision to let Verstappen off with a seemingly minor penalty stands in stark contrast to previous similar incidents, where drivers faced more severe consequences such as a three-place grid drop. This inconsistency in penalties has raised questions within the F1 community.
  • AlphaTauri’s Absence at the Hearing: Adding to the controversy, AlphaTauri, Tsunoda’s team, did not send a representative to the hearing with the stewards. Brundle described this as a “sporting disappointment”. However, according to, AlphaTauri did not attend the hearing as they didn’t receive a formal summons from the FIA and did not lodge an official complaint.

In his column for Sky Sports, Martin Brundle didn’t hold back his thoughts on the incident, stating, “Quite how Max Verstappen didn’t also get a penalty for impeding Yuki Tsunoda in qualifying when considering other penalties applied this season was a great surprise to many in the paddock, which I confidently predict includes the team and driver in question. That Tsunoda’s AlphaTauri team didn’t send a representative to the hearing, albeit as the junior Red Bull team, was a sporting disappointment to me.”

The Singapore Grand Prix was a challenging weekend for Red Bull, contrasting their dominant performance throughout the season. Verstappen finished 5th, while his teammate Sergio Perez ended up in the eighth position. Brundle noted the struggles of Red Bull in adapting their car to the unique conditions of the Singapore circuit. He commented on the difficulties faced by the team in finding the right car setup, observing that the car, which previously displayed exceptional grip, appeared almost undrivable during the weekend.

This incident and its subsequent reactions have ignited debates in the F1 world regarding the consistency of penalties and the governance of the sport. The leniency shown towards Verstappen has not only surprised commentators like Brundle but also fans and other teams, sparking discussions about the impartiality and effectiveness of the current penalty system in Formula 1.

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