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The Grand Tour: Will There Be A Season 5?

We’re halfway through Season 4 of The Grand Tour so far, with one more special episode remaining for this year with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May holding strong. Since the beginning of Season 4, The Grand Tour has massively changed its format, ridding itself of the tent and audience, and instead focussing on long special episodes. Alongside this format change came a change to the show’s output, too. Unfortunately, only two episodes are being released per year, resulting in some pretty unhappy fans.

This begs the question – are the presenters scaling down to come to a stop? We’ve sieved through all the evidence, and we’re ready to give you the lowdown as to why The Grand Tour isn’t stopping just yet.


Executive producer Andy Wilman has been good enough to give us a definitive answer. He’s confirmed that the crew has signed a contract to work on The Grand Tour until the end of Season 5, which should be released next year. It’s a possibility that Season 6 will be recorded in that time, too, but this is uncertain.

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Wilman also tells us that each of the presenters, plus himself, will be doing other things alongside The Grand Tour, which would make the lack of content understandable. Obviously Clarkson, Hammond, and May are now spreading their time between more projects, and this is on top of DriveTribe and its sister company, FoodTribe.

On talking about the dissolving of Chump and Sons, the four’s production company, he talked about these further projects.

“All four of us are doing our own thing for Amazon, but I will be last out of the traps,” the showrunner said, obviously referring to Clarkson’s ‘I Bought A Farm’ (working title) series that he’s currently filming, and James May’s ‘Our Man In Japan’ Series, that aired earlier this year. Hammond is also working with Mythbusters star Tory Belleci, additionally to his ‘Richard Hammond’s Big’ series that is currently airing.

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A new deal with Amazon has meant they can now stray onto the TV under other British broadcasters, so we should expect to see the four of them on more programs in the future. Despite this, they aren’t allowed to do anything with the competition, such as Netflix or Disney. Wilman jokes that they are now tied up with “pink Anne Summers handcuffs,” rather than police issue steel binds.

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  1. The shark has been jumped. Not by the lads but by Amazon. Two shows does not make an episode! Just another example of Amazon defecating on its customers.

  2. I thought next year’s tGT was just the 3rd & 4th parts of Series 4 (the 4 specials)

    I hope there’s much more to come from the team, collectively, as the 3rd of Grand Tour was right up there alongside prime Top Gear

  3. Figured something had to be up. But I’ll take two per year (somewhat unhappily) versus nothing. Watching them on other ventures should be enjoyable as well. You have to give them credit for the long effort they have put in. I will continue to find some satisfaction watching their old Top Gear episodes, and TGT Seasons 1-3. I’ve rewatched every episode of TGT 5 or 6 times since Seamen aired, in a desperate attempt to get a fix. Good thing streaming video doesn’t wear out like video tape does.

  4. Lol half way through. One episode.

    This series really is done. I guess leaving on a high note isn’t something they’re doing.

    Sad, will miss them.

  5. Very disappointed with this news, I agree two shows don’t make a season, those people who subscribed to amazon for the grand tour will be feeling very under appreciated as a result, I don’t doubt many will only subscribe to get each episode as it airs and then cancel, I know its something I’ll be looking at and unless the next episode is considerably better than boats I have doubts I’ll even bother with season 5, removing the audience, the talk and the semblance of tropical car news has and is a horrible direction to go, it would gave been better to cancel the show after season 3 than put up with these ‘feature’ length episodes.

    1. And to basically blame hamster for the show hitting the emergency brake. Saying that him crashing as many times as he has made the insurance coverage go sky high. And I believe somewhere I heard Andy wilman even say it was equal to the cost of making a show. If that is the case have Captain slow and Jeremy drive the expensive stuff and Hammond can drive Oliver or a Morgan 😂.

  6. What a CROCK OF SHIP. Amazon having the nerve to call two episodes a “Season”. Ooooooo let’s all wait for another year, get two more episodes and call that a season also. What deliberate Spit in our faces. That’s like me taking finals on back to school day and saying that I finished the school year. How can this happen call them what Clarkson’s shows were called (specials) and be done. Don’t insult with saying that it’s a season.

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