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Max Verstappen Praises Formula 1 Sprint Race Changes Ahead of 2024 Season: “Logical” Format Emerges

Max Verstappen, the Red Bull driver, has lauded the revised Formula 1 Sprint race format, deeming it “logical.” His endorsement of the changes marks a significant shift from his previous criticism, signaling a positive reception towards the revamped Sprint races.

Key Takeaways:

  • Max Verstappen, who formerly criticized Formula 1 Sprint races, now appreciates the revamped format after changes aimed at enhancing excitement.
  • Formula 1 collaborated with teams to refine the Sprint format, relocating Sprint qualifying to Friday after consultations with experts.
  • Verstappen finds the new format more logical and welcomes the alterations to Parc Ferme, providing teams with opportunities to adjust car setups, a development that offers relief for drivers like Verstappen.

Max Verstappen, known for his outspokenness, has offered commendation towards the revised Formula 1 Sprint race format, expressing his support for the alterations made ahead of the 2024 season. Initially critical of Sprint races, Verstappen’s positive stance highlights the effectiveness of recent adjustments aimed at injecting more excitement into the sport.

The collaboration between Formula 1 and teams led to a meticulous overhaul of the Sprint format, with consultations from various experts contributing to the reshaping process. One of the notable changes involves the relocation of Sprint qualifying to Friday, following Free Practice 1, setting the stage for an intensified weekend of racing.

Verstappen articulated his perspective on the modifications, emphasizing the newfound logic in the format:

“I think it’s a bit more logical, I would say with how the format is formed.

“For me I don’t get more excited by winning a sprint or fighting for these kind of races. But at least a bit more logical I would say.”

The allowance for adjustments to car setups post-Sprint race through changes to Parc Ferme regulations has garnered widespread approval from drivers and teams alike. Verstappen acknowledged the significance of this alteration, recognizing its potential to salvage weekends marred by unfavorable setups:

“I think that’s a bit better.

“Sometimes you get stuck, you know that your weekend is ruined you know you can’t really change anything.

“So for sure it will help a bit.”

Verstappen’s endorsement underscores the success of Formula 1’s efforts to refine the Sprint race format, setting an optimistic tone for the upcoming season as the sport continues to evolve to captivate audiences worldwide.

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