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Max Verstappen Slams ‘Extremely Dangerous’ Formula 1 Pit Lane Rules in Qualifying

The Reigning World Champion Voices Concerns Over Safety and Confusion Amid New Regulations

In a recent turn of events, Max Verstappen, the reigning world champion, has not held back in expressing his concerns regarding Formula 1’s latest pit lane regulations during qualifying sessions. In no uncertain terms, he has labeled them as “extremely dangerous,” citing the potential hazards they pose when high-speed and slow-moving cars share the same track.

Key Takeaways:

Max Verstappen’s skepticism revolves around the safety implications of the new F1 pit lane regulations during qualifying. He deems them “extremely dangerous” due to the looming threat of a mix between swift racers and slower vehicles on the race track.

The current regulations, as outlined in FIA Article 33.4, mandate that drivers should refrain from unnecessary stops in the pit lane’s fast lane. Moreover, they must maintain a left-sided trajectory to facilitate overtaking maneuvers by fellow competitors on the right, specifically along the pit exit road.

Verstappen’s criticism centers on the chaos and confusion that these regulations have triggered during qualifying sessions. They have led to scenarios where cars dangerously decelerate or venture off-track to bypass slower competitors. Additionally, instances of cars not adhering to the minimum speed requirement have become commonplace.

In his recent statement, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen did not hold back in expressing his discontent with the fresh pit lane regulations. He painted a vivid picture of the turmoil stemming from these newly implemented rules, designed to streamline the flow of cars during the crucial qualifying laps.

“It was absolutely terrible.

“On this track, you have quite a long pit exit, and there are some walls.

“But on some other tracks, if we implement this, you’re driving very slowly onto a straight where people are passing with 300+ [km/h]. And you’re maybe driving at 15, 20 to make a gap, which is extremely dangerous.”

Verstappen’s frustration is palpable as he points out the counterintuitive nature of these regulations. Rather than achieving the intended goal of improving organization, they seem to have led to a chaotic mix of slow-moving vehicles occupying the racing line. In a startling revelation, Verstappen even confessed to veering onto the grass to circumvent the slower cars that congested the track.

“For me, this doesn’t work at all,” Verstappen added.

“It just creates even more trouble. I mean, look at what was happening [in qualifying] – people going on the grass, including myself, to try and pass cars.

“It’s just a mess every single qualifying, you have like six to eight cars getting noted for driving too slow with the minimum time. I don’t know what we’re trying to achieve.

“It’s just a mess every single qualifying.

“You have like six to eight cars getting noted for driving too slow with the minimum time. I don’t know what we’re trying to achieve.”

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