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Max Verstappen’s Candid Take on Brad Pitt’s F1 Film: Not on His Watchlist

In a candid interview, Max Verstappen expressed his disinterest in the new Formula 1 film featuring Brad Pitt, directed by Lewis Hamilton. Verstappen critiqued the movie for its over-dramatised portrayal of the sport he excels in.

Key Takeaways:

  • The film, heavily influenced by Lewis Hamilton, features Brad Pitt as a retired Formula 1 driver who returns to mentor a young teammate. Its realistic touch is furthered by scenes shot during actual F1 races, starting with the 2023 British Grand Prix.
  • Max Verstappen, while acknowledging Pitt’s acting talent and the intriguing behind-the-scenes insights at the US Grand Prix, remains unenthused about watching a dramatised version of his profession.
  • To boost the film’s authenticity, Mercedes provided a specially modified Formula 2 car for the production.

In a detailed interview with, Max Verstappen shared his thoughts on the film, emphasizing the contrast between his real-life racing experience and the fictional world of cinema. The Dutch driver, known for his straightforward approach, revealed his general appreciation for films and Brad Pitt’s acting skills. However, he expressed a clear disinterest in watching a film based on his own sport, pointing out the over-dramatization and fictional elements typical of such productions.

Verstappen’s comments on the film reflect his broader stance on media portrayals of Formula 1. He has previously distanced himself from Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’ series, citing concerns over false narratives and excessive dramatization. This approach changed only after he secured his first Drivers’ Championship title, leading to a renegotiated participation with the documentary series that addressed his concerns.

The three-time F1 champion’s perspective on the film sheds light on the complex relationship between the sport’s real-life heroes and their cinematic counterparts. While the film, featuring Lewis Hamilton’s insights and Brad Pitt’s star power, promises to be a hit with moviegoers, it might not find a fan in one of Formula 1’s biggest stars, Max Verstappen. His focus remains firmly on the tracks, leaving little room for dramatized interpretations of the high-speed world he inhabits.

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